Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday November 7 2010...

Today was one of those lazy, hang out around the house kind of days. It was great.

I wanted a big hearty breakfast so I had this...
Scrambled egg substitute with veggies and FF cheese, Potatoes O'Brien, and a bowl of fruit. Vern ate breakfast with me and conceded that the egg substitute tastes different but isn't awful.
6 points

Lunch was some leftover pasta something or other that I made the other night. It was whole wheat pasta with a bunch of veggies, a leftover turkey meatball chopped up in it and some butternut squash pasta sauce. It had some FF cheese in it too. It was one of those dishes that you just kind of throw together with whatever you have on hand and it was really good. I had some leftover spaghetti squash too.
5 points

I had some fruit during the afternoon which I didn't photograph. I had a big plum and a banana.
2.5 points

Dinner was inspired by someone who told me she was making Jambalaya for dinner and I thought to myself, "Hey! I could make that too!" I did. It was quite good. I used some brown rice mixed with riced cauliflower and vern couldn't even tell there was cauliflower in it!
5 points

After dinner I had some yogurt mixed with a banana and some fruit I had frozen in popsicle molds when my granddaughter was here yesterday. It was yummy and cold.
5.5 points

I thought that this photo of my on line tracker would show up better than this...oh well...


Joy said...

Hi my friend!!!

Yummy!!! Everything looked great!! I hope you are doing well!!!

Keep focused!!

Lesia said...

love you food...still waiting for you to get my room ready. Then you can cook for me