Sunday, January 5, 2014

Update for Saturday 1/4/2014

Started the day with a 10K training run. The Tinkerbell Half Marathon weekend is in 2 weeks!!!! Eeeeeeek!!

Before going out for my run I had a smoothie made with Weight Watchers Creamy Coconut smoothie mix, skim milk, a banana and a few chunks of mango. 

I have recently realized that a latte is the perfect recovery drink for me. The combination of milk and caffeine recharges me really well. So after my run I made myself a latte from skim milk and a couple of Starbucks Christmas Blend Via packs. I ate two Cutie Oranges while I waited for the milk to heat. 

Our car is still in the shop so later in the day we walked over to the shopping center to find some white basketball shorts for my costume for the half marathon. Found them for $6.88......SCORE!!

I made myself a late lunch of steamed sweet potatoes topped with a lentil/vegetable stew that I made and had in the fridge. I added a couple of wedges of laughing cow cheese to give it a creamy texture. So yummy!!

My evening snack was a bowl of frozen banana and mango chunks blended wit a splash of skim milk to the consistency of ice cream :)

Day two of Simply Filling back on track....Done!

My Fitbit showed a total of 19,428 steps, 9.1 miles, and 17 floors climbed. 9 Active Link Points. 

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