Wednesday, January 8, 2014


An interesting thing happened yesterday. We stopped at Starbucks for a latte after our run. I thought I ordered a nonfat regular latte but it was vanilla when I got it. Vern said he heard me say vanilla so I thought, "What the heck? It's one latte so I'll just drink it this way."

Apparently, it was the sugar free syrup because by 8:00 last night my legs were aching so much I could barely keep them still. They ached all night and are still achy and sore this morning. This is a different kind of sore than you get from working a muscle. This is like the bones are aching. 

I don't know why my body reacts this way to Splenda....but it does. No more for me!!

We're trying to get back into the swing of things at work while also getting ready to take a couple more days off next week for The Tinkerbell Half Marathon weekend at Disneyland. I didn't think this schedule through very well when I planned our holiday time off! So, it's a bit chaotic. But I'm excited about the upcoming runs!!

I'm planning to pack our ice chest with some healthy food choices for me. Planning food choices, planning costumes for the runs, planning what else to take.....eeeeek!! 

Food choices have been on again, off again....mostly on. 

I need to get serious again about working through my devotional and getting my head in the right place in my relationship to food. 

So much  to do. So much to think about....maybe if I didn't need sleep :)

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