Sunday, February 9, 2014

Impromptu Saturday

Whew! Saturday was a busy day! I went for a seven mile "run" in the morning. I say "run" because I was playing around with different walk/run intervals and how they affect my pace. I really don't care so much about being faster. I just want to be able to keep under the pace requirements for races and still have fun and be healthy. So miles in the morning. 

We planned on working yesterday but after an hour at the shop we decided to postpone work until today and head up to Disneyland. I wasn't really prepared food wise for an impromptu outing so I had to wing it. I was mindful in my choices and I tracked everything. I used 11weekly points but I earned 14 activity points. I'm pleased with how I did. 

So today I need to fit in a few hours of work, a few loads of laundry, a bit of grocery shopping and some food No sweat!

I have two buttons in my bowl :)

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