Monday, January 18, 2016

Making a Fresh Start

Here I am, dusting off my old blog and ready for a new start. 
I've deleted all of my old stats from My Fitness Pal so today can be my day one. 
My weight is up to 206. It's time to get serious again or I will gain it ALL back. 

So here's the plan....
I'm following a low carb, whole foods type plan. I am also using Plexus Products to get healthy from the inside out. 
I'll be tracking on My Fitness Pal and sharing my menus, exercise, etc. here on the blog. 
I plan to start running again and taking some yoga classes. 
My weigh in day will be Friday morning and I'll report that here as well. 
I need the accountability of a blog/journal. I need to get myself back to a consistently healthy lifestyle. 

So, new start stats:
Weight: 206
Waist 39
Hips 48
Bust 43
Under Bust 36
Upper Arm 12
Thigh 26
Calf 16

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