Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Few pictures from last weekend...

I spent Saturday with my favorite girl in the whole wide world!! It's been a while since Vern and I have had the privilege of keeping our precious little granddaughter on a Saturday afternoon. She spends Saturdays with her Daddy now. We are thrilled to see them spending so much time together and most Saturdays they hang out at my parents' house, so we can be with them if we choose to. But, there's something special about the days when we just get to have her with us and bring her to our place. Saturday was one of those times.

Of course I kept my camera handy. Of course I picked that Saturday to simply pull my hair out of my face, skip the make-up, and wear slouchy, stretchy pants and an oversized t-shirt! And of course this was the day that Vern decided to grab my camera and take some photos while I was playing with Autumn! I am not going to complain!!! I have often complained that I am not in very many of the photos of Autumn because I am usually the one taking the make-up or not, hair styled or not, the world's most unflattering clothing or not...I am thrilled to have some photos of Autumn and me playing are some pictures from our fun day together

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Grace said...

Got any of those cupcakes left? Yummo!