Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Today is the day...

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I have been out of control and convincing myself that "it's not so bad" over the past few weeks. Today is the day that it stops. I have scarfed down the last of the ice cream cleaned out my fridge and I am ready to return to self control, discipline and accountability. So today I will begin to photo-journal my food choices again and get myself back on track.


Deborah said...

scarfed down the last of the ice cream

(((((((Miss Vickie))))))))
LOL At least you havent lost your sense of humor LOL

Its time to feel good about yourself and your accomplishments again.
Love Ya

Grace said...

I saw the title and had to finish in my head ..."that the lord has made..."
Good for you!
Did I tell you how much I miss your food porn? Well I do... bring it on gal! LOL