Sunday, June 2, 2013

Smart People Don't Blow All Their Weeklies In The Car On The Way Home!

Saturday June 1, 2013

We went to Disneyland on Saturday. I packed a cooler with fruits. I made great choices while we were in the parks!

I had an eggwhite wrap from the Starbucks in Disney's California Adventure for breakfast for 7 PointsPlus. Coffee with a splash of half and half for 1 Point. And a banana at 0 points. 

Lunch was an Angus Roast Beef salad from the Jolly Holiday Bakery in Disneyland. It comes with a breadstick and dressing choice on the side. I counted the salad at 4 PointsPlus and the Breadstick at 4. 1 point for the fat free Italian dressing for a 9 PointsPlus lunch. 

During the day I had an orange and two apricots, and a "Julie's Giant Oatmeal" cookie. I drank water. We walked over 18,000 steps. So far so good! 

The time got away from us in the evening and before we knew it, it was 8:00 and we were getting in the car to go home. I was hungry. I hadn't packed anything with protein in it in my cooler ... Next time there will be a sandwich in there, whether I eat it or not, I will have it just in case. So anyway, I started munching on caramel corn that we bought on the way out. I ate about 4 cups...I couldn't find a good estimate of the calories/ I just gave it 20 to be safe. And then...there we were in the In-n-Out drive through. Now, I know how to navigate this...I really do. But it was late, I was lazy. I had a Double Double AND Fries!! What am I? Crazy?!?! Who eats 49 Points in the car on the way home? This girl. 

I used all of my weekly bonus points for the week. I have 10 activity points left. I just started a new active link challenge to earn 4-7 points per day. So, now the key is to finish out the week without derailing myself. I had the weekly points to spend. It was definitely not the smartest way to use my points but it's not in reality I am still "on plan."

I can have a successful week. I don't have to let this derail me. Cheeseburgers happen. 

Let's do this!

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Shannon Tatlock said...

Good for you, for not letting In and Out burger derail you! I would probably have done the same thing. My Hubs and I honeymooned in California 2 years ago and I discovered in and out burger for the first time. DELICIOUS!