Tuesday, September 25, 2007

sick at heart....

Yesterday I was feeling so positive about putting the entire Kimkins experience behind me...but it just keeps rearing its ugly head. Yesterday I learned that both Deni and Christin might have some very serious health issues going on, related to their time doing the Kimkins diet. The whole idea that these two vibrant young women are now having to deal with possible health issues caused from their efforts to lose weight and become healthier just makes me sick at heart.

It is just so completely wrong that this is going on and continues to go on....the website is still up and running. People continue to do this diet and damage their health. It's more than "just" having some hair loss, issues with menstrual cycles, and messed up metabolism....Time after time I've seen posts on message board forums from women who say they are willing to risk these possible side effects in order to acheive the dream of being slim. Unfortunately, there is alot more at stake here than our hair! When we starve our bodies our bodies respond by feeding off of our muscle tissue....including our HEARTS!!!!

If you are doing the Kimkins diet...PLEASE STOP NOW!!! The long term damage you might be doing to your body is just too high of a price to pay. Whatever you think of Heidi Diaz/Kimmer....whatever your thoughts on all of the controversy....however successful you think you are on the plan....please stop and think......the price is too high...the diet is too dangerous. There are healthy ways to lose the weight...and Kimkins is not one of them.


Kay said...

Well Vickie, this is the very last straw for me. I knew of Christin's problems but was unaware of Deni...so I will really have to leave the Kimkins boards. Like Becky wrote on her blog, I had retreated into an exercise challenge thread. I posted there today, but even just encouraging people to exercise on a Kimkins thread infers that I support that WOE. And I can't even write a farewell b/c then I'll get banned...such a sad and unnecessary situation. I never followed Kimkins in full b/c I knew better...but one day a young teenager posted asking how to break her plateau. Kristin and Deni wrote back that she should eat more because she was still growing. Kimmer responded that she could eat less (she was at about 500 calories) b/c her body could subsist on the fat that was still on her body...mind you from the girl's photo, she had very little weight left to lose. That's when I retreated...and now I am gone. See you on lowcarbdiscussion.

VernsWifeVickie said...

Kay...I remember that post from that teenager and Kimmer's terrible advice. That was one of the things that began to open my eyes to who immer really is and how little regard she has for anyone other than herself.

I agree, being on that site offering any kind of advice, encouragement, or input at all infers that you condone and support the plan. Good for you for leaving!!! Thanks so much for reading my blog. See you at Jimmy's place :)

MrsA said...

Great post, Vickie, as usual!

Kay, glad to see you are leaving Kimkins. Maybe I'll get to see you over at LowCarbDiscussion.com.

Becky said...

Great post, Vickie!

Kay, that's a very good decision, and I hope many others come to the same conslusion.

I'll see you over on the other forum.