Thursday, April 3, 2008

Harsh Words...

Yesterday I said something harsh in commenting on AmyB's blog. I responded to a commentor who called herself "simpleannie" in words that were not very kind. I flippantly typed "simpleannie….step away from the koolaid, slowly step away….." It was wrong of me to respond in such a patronizing, derogotory tone and I sincerely apologize to simpleannie, to AmyB, and to anyone else who read my comment.

I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about how wrong and how counterproductive it is for me to respond to anyone in that manner. Am I the only one who wakes up in the night thinking about this stuff? I doubt it.

So anyway....I woke up thinking about my harsh words and remembering what made me decide to leave Kimkins. When I made the decision to leave Kimkins it wasn't because of comments about "drinking the koolaid," being a cult member, being to stupid to see the truth or any of the many such things I saw being said about Kimkins members. Those types of statements only served to make me want to dig my heels in deeper. Those types of statements, in my mind, gave less credibility to those who were making them. What that finally opened my eyes to the truth about Kimkins, Kimmer/Heidi Diaz were the words of someone who was nice, who didn't gossip, didn't say derogotory things about others, and who seemed to always find something encouraging or positive to everyone. Much like AmyB this person was always nice to everyone. This person was Becky, aka Littlebit. When Becky left the site and we were lied to about it I began exchanging e-mails with her. The truth was revealed to me in those e-mails.

My point in sharing that story is first of all AmyB, keep doing what you're doing. There are people whom your words will reach who will choose to see the truth. Secondly, for anyone who is reading AmyB's blog and wondering why she is speaking against Heidi and Singinglass, or speaking out in a way that's not the norm for her, please consider the source. Rather than chastize her for speaking out in a way that you aren't familiar with, consider that she is stepping out of her comfort zone to speak out in order to right a wrong. I've seen more than one instance of people questioning AmyB, asking something to the effect of "Amy, you were always so nice, why are you speaking out against Heidi or Singinglass this way" (my paraphrase) Please stop and think. If AmyB's words are not the nice words you are used to hearing from her, it's not because she is no longer a nice person. It's because she is a nice person and she's seen the truth and the truth is important to her.

Like I said earlier, keep doing what you're doing AmyB. Keep picking those flowers! You're doing a great job.

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Mayberryfan said...

Great post Vickie. It is easy to get flippant sometimes about all this because there is a lot of anger attached to it. And, those of us who were scammed have a right to be angry. However, it pays to remind ourselves and each other to take a deep breath at times, and proceed with our heads held high and spreading the truth in a calm and forthright manner.