Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Anonymous speaks

This comment was left this morning by "Anonymous" I have much to say in response and none of it is "vindictive," "nasty," "mean" or "negative." However, I am at work so it will have to wait until tonight when I get home. In the meantime here is the comment that was left this morning.

Anonymous said...
Hi Vickie,
There is a reason why I posted that anonymously.

I could have and probably should have just said nothing, or merely posted Read Mathew 6:14-15

6:14 For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you:

6:15 But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

However I truly liked the longer version with the verbatim explanation better. I use that site often as a reference point because it puts biblical reference into terms even a child could understand.

I too have been in your shoes, I recognized the struggle!

I have passionately discussed this matter with my pastor, & my prayer group. I had to let it go as it was eating me up inside. I did not like what I was becoming, which was turning into a bitter person consumed with these issues that where carrying over into everyday life!

I was quite pleased that you understood exactly the message I was attempting to anonymously relay to you & actually relieved with your beautiful response because I was so nervous posting to you since you were my first post ever anywhere on this subject, I just really wanted to reach out to you & let you know that you are not alone.

I had much more that I wanted to say today, until I saw your cohorts started up with the usual attack mode & mud slinging over @ LCF, & then now you have posted shaming me about plagiarism. That was never my intent, It wasn't ever about where I got the the wording from, I never even thought twice about it & for that I apologize. It was about relaying the message I was attempting to get across as simply as possible.

I do regret having posted now as I am not a confrontational person & that is why I choose to remain anonymous. Not using anonymity could be quite dangerous in duck territory, & not everyone wishes to have their identity plastered all over the net thus putting their reputations, family, job, & church at risk. Not everyone that post anonymously is FOE. However anyone that post anything is open for attack regardless if they are anonymous or not.

Maybe that reason alone is why so many others remain silent.

Even many of the personal snide remarks about Heidi that are just mean, pointless & anti-productive, for example the sugar cookies, & captain morgan. Those cookies could have been her sons cookies, just because they were on the seat of the vehicle doesn't make her guilty even though I think we could all safely presume that they were, & just because someone mentions they like or have drank rum doesn't make them an alcoholic. To paint even someone we don't like as blithering drunken idiot munching on sugar cookies is unjustified, & unfounded.

That is only one example of many out there that I have found distasteful, & why I have not joined this crusade as I do not care to surround myself with this sort of vindictiveness. I am only human, & I fear that the vicious nature of all this would consume me again, & do not want to become that type of person, so I must choose to leave judgments up to the court of law here on earth, & up to the higher court of God above, & I truly trust with all my faith that justice will be served without any nastiness input on my behalf.

I won't bother you or anyone again, call it a lesson learned, & again I apologize. No need to reply as I will not be back again to look for any more negativity. I think this was a sign for me to finally close this chapter in my life & move on. I have officially turned my burdens over to the one that is much more capable of handling them than I. So something good did come out of this, even if it only worked for my own peace of mind.

You take care Ms. Vickie, I know you will find the resolve & peace that you seek, it's there. Some things just take time, & you have to work thru them yourself & with your faith.

You will be in my prayers, as will everyone else!

Have A Blessed Day!

April 30, 2008 10:55 AM


Anonymous said...

Note to self: it's okay to mud sling, name call, use sarcasm, etc., on thread #9867 fascination with kimmer but not on blogs under the guise of "get over it, move on" mentality; especially when quoting the Bible. Well, more like copying/pasting what someone else expressed about the Bible. Okay, got it.

Must conform to "attack, harrass, name call, pursue, " Heidi mentality and never, ever stop until that Captain Morgan drinking, cookie eating liar is in jail! Because afterall, we're doing this to save lives.(prideful face smilie insert here!) LOL Are you kidding me?(rhetorical question) Open your eyes (or can you do that on your own without consulting the other ducks?) and read what the "ducks" write. It's largely ugly and mean-spirited and far from the altruistic thread it is toted as amongst the "ducks." Why LCF's has let this continue is beyond comprehension. (did I spell that right?) I'd love to name call and jump down in the mud pit too with ya'll but I'm not a duck. I'm a chicken. And according to Jo, mudslinging is only for ducks or we're gonna call you on it in "group attack mode 'cuz that's how we roll." Besides, I wouldn't be calling Heidi names, I'd be calling ya'll names. Ya'll got that group mentality thing going on and boy does it feel good to be part of the group. Go ducks go! Pfft!

No forgiveness needed (from you or your cohorts). Keep throwing rocks you who live in glass houses. I, for one, know how far short I fall.

Just fyi: I'm not the origial anonymous that you can't wait to respond to. Get a life girl, you know this is all nonsense.

VernsWifeVickie said...

Anonymous...A little angry are we?

Anonymous said...

No, actually. I just get a kick out of the "ducks" self-righteous, congratulatory remarks to each other. It's really a hoot to rile you ladies up. However, I must admit, this was my first post but it was fun! ;) But now I "feel like a duck" so I better stop before I join the gang! LOL It's a little frightening to see how fun it really is. Oops! I feel water resistant feathers starting to form. LOL

Anonymous said...

Apparently the Ducks have no monopoly on self-righteousness. I'd say "anon" here has a pretty healthy dose of it. Anon, you've got a right to your opinion, but you are dead wrong about our motives. What you snidely call "mean" attacks against a known liar are simply a way of helping others understand what a dangerous woman Heidi Diaz really is. I don't want anyone to fall into her trap the way I did. There are NO ulterior motives on the Duck's part.

If you WANT to see ulterior motives, then you obviously will. But, we're not changing! Save yourself the cost of a prescription for high blood pressure and do your light reading away from LCF.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous to some extent. I've been following the Kimmer thread on LCF for quite a long time. And many of the folks are OK. But some of the posters are nasty and vindictive.

I don't find making fun of someone for being fat, or joking about alcoholism to be funny. And I don't find these behaviors acceptable just because they're aimed at someone who "deserves" them.

The scriptural argument isn't compelling to me specifically as I'm not a Christian. However, my ethics don't seem to be as malleable as some of the ducks.

This is why I quit posting on LCF and why I didn't "join up" to be a duck even though I highly disapprove of Kimmer and would like to see her shut down.

I've read all of the threads back to the Ask Kimmer thread and most of the ducks seem like OK folks to me. But the behavior of some is just not something I want to be associated with.

I also find that LCF allowing it is disturbing as it's in obvious violation of their TOS.

To me, there is a huge difference between opposing her diet, her fraud and disagreeing with her words vs. attacking her personally.

Obviously, YMMV.

Anonymous said...

I'd say the first Anonymous commenter is a man, and I don't know why, but the name "Sam" leaps immediately to mind. He's only out to stir the pot with his sarcasm, and I think it's all tongue-in-cheek based on a kernel of truth. He's not quite as indignant as he makes out, but I'll bet he's eagerly reading all our responses. Hiya, Anon. Getting our jollies, are we? In that case, enjoy! SMP

2BIG said...

Dang Vickie how do you keep all them annoymous folk straight?

Even if annoymous wantewd to use the message from the site annonymous should have linked to it and not pirated it as their own.

forgiving somebody for the wrong they do doesn't mean we ignore it as they continue to wrong others. God says to rebuke them and correct them. this site says it so much better then I can write it.

VernsWifeVickie said...

"Dang Vickie how do you keep all them annoymous folk straight?"'s not easy keeping them all straight! I really appreciate my anonymous friends who have signed their screen names at the end of their comments!

mayberry..thanks for your comments. I agree with you. There was a time when I thought that ducks were mean. But as I have lurked and read and finally joined in the conversation I have found that ducks are much kinder than I gave you all credit for! could be right. The original commenter on this thread is only trying to stir the pot and ruffle some feathers. I don't have the time or incination to try and figure him/her/sockpuppet out. thanks so much for reading my blog and for your comments.