Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I received the following comment to my blog post yesterday. I wanted to address it here rather than in the comments section of my blog:

Anonymous said...
Matthew 6:14-15

Jesus compares our sins to debts. We have violated our obligation of being obedient to God, and this exposes us to the penalty that results from that violation. To teach us the lesson of forgiveness, God bases how He forgives us by the forgiveness we extend to others!

Those who come before Him unwilling to forgive others cannot expect God to show them the love and mercy they desire. God will not show them the mercy and love they will not extend to others! If we forgive others when they injure us, our Father will forgive us.

How are we to conduct ourselves in forgiving others? We must forgive, even if the offender does not ask to be forgiven. We should treat the one who has injured or offended us with kindness, not harboring any grudge or speaking of that individual condemningly. We should always be ready to do him good if the opportunity arises. This is a tall order!

Why act this way when it goes so strongly against human nature? First, it produces peace. Second, it sets the example for the offending individual—and for everyone else—of what God considers right and proper.

Does forgiveness of a person fighting a recurring problem mean that we should place complete trust in him in the area of his problem? With many problems—poor money handling, gossip, lying, stealing, and sexual sins, to name a few—we need to see a track record of overcoming before considering him trustworthy, but we can still be understanding, forgiving, and encouraging.

April 29, 2008 11:05 PM

First, thank you anonymous for reading and commenting on my blog. I do dislike anonymous comments but I understand that there are some who feel more comfortable remaining anonymous. The thing with remaining anonymous is that you can throw your opinion out there and not be fully accountable or responsible for the things you say. I can see the attraction in that but, like I said, I don't like anonymous comments. So, that being said, allow me to address your comment.

I agree completely with what you said and for that matter, what the bible has to say, about forgiveness. You are absolutely right that if we refuse to forgive others we ourselves will not be forgiven.

I must admit I don't clearly understand your reason for pointing this out to me. I can only assume that you think I haven't forgiven Heidi Diaz. You couldn't be more wrong. I have forgiven her. I have and continue to pray that God would use this entire experience to draw her to Himself. I blogged about the need to forgive her early on in my blog. You can find that post HERE

Forgiving Heid Diaz does not mean, however, that I think she should be allowed to continue her dangerous, fradulent, illegal actions. I will continue to pray for her, hope that she will come to know the Lord, AND do everything I can do to help to put her out of business.

As for my words being harsh at are right...I have days when my words are harsh. It's one of the areas in my life that I struggle with. Thank you for the reminder that I need to watch the tone of my words.

One of the things that comes with posting openly, with an identity, is that you can be called out and held accountable for the things you say...I accept that.


OhYeahBabe said...

"Forgiving Heid Diaz does not mean, however, that I think she should be allowed to continue her dangerous, fradulent, illegal actions."

You said this beautifully, Vickie. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vickie,
There is a reason why I posted that anonymously.

I could have and probably should have just said nothing, or merely posted Read Mathew 6:14-15

6:14 For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you:

6:15 But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

However I truly liked the longer version with the verbatim explanation better. I use that site often as a reference point because it puts biblical reference into terms even a child could understand.

I too have been in your shoes, I recognized the struggle!

I have passionately discussed this matter with my pastor, & my prayer group. I had to let it go as it was eating me up inside. I did not like what I was becoming, which was turning into a bitter person consumed with these issues that where carrying over into everyday life!

I was quite pleased that you understood exactly the message I was attempting to anonymously relay to you & actually relieved with your beautiful response because I was so nervous posting to you since you were my first post ever anywhere on this subject, I just really wanted to reach out to you & let you know that you are not alone.

I had much more that I wanted to say today, until I saw your cohorts started up with the usual attack mode & mud slinging over @ LCF, & then now you have posted shaming me about plagiarism. That was never my intent, It wasn't ever about where I got the the wording from, I never even thought twice about it & for that I apologize. It was about relaying the message I was attempting to get across as simply as possible.

I do regret having posted now as I am not a confrontational person & that is why I choose to remain anonymous. Not using anonymity could be quite dangerous in duck territory, & not everyone wishes to have their identity plastered all over the net thus putting their reputations, family, job, & church at risk. Not everyone that post anonymously is FOE. However anyone that post anything is open for attack regardless if they are anonymous or not.

Maybe that reason alone is why so many others remain silent.

Even many of the personal snide remarks about Heidi that are just mean, pointless & anti-productive, for example the sugar cookies, & captain morgan. Those cookies could have been her sons cookies, just because they were on the seat of the vehicle doesn't make her guilty even though I think we could all safely presume that they were, & just because someone mentions they like or have drank rum doesn't make them an alcoholic. To paint even someone we don't like as blithering drunken idiot munching on sugar cookies is unjustified, & unfounded.

That is only one example of many out there that I have found distasteful, & why I have not joined this crusade as I do not care to surround myself with this sort of vindictiveness. I am only human, & I fear that the vicious nature of all this would consume me again, & do not want to become that type of person, so I must choose to leave judgments up to the court of law here on earth, & up to the higher court of God above, & I truly trust with all my faith that justice will be served without any nastiness input on my behalf.

I won't bother you or anyone again, call it a lesson learned, & again I apologize. No need to reply as I will not be back again to look for any more negativity. I think this was a sign for me to finally close this chapter in my life & move on. I have officially turned my burdens over to the one that is much more capable of handling them than I. So something good did come out of this, even if it only worked for my own peace of mind.

You take care Ms. Vickie, I know you will find the resolve & peace that you seek, it's there. Some things just take time, & you have to work thru them yourself & with your faith.

You will be in my prayers, as will everyone else!

Have A Blessed Day!

Jeanessa said...


I, probably more than some, know your efforts in forgiving Heidi and how far you have come in the knowledge of God's desire for us to walk in forgiveness and to stand up for what is right. I read your words and smiled, girl, I am very proud of how poignant you were in explaining your actions. You couldn't have said it better.

VernsWifeVickie said...

{{{{Jeanessa}}}}..Thank you so much. Your comment brought tears to my eyes because I know you know.