Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Response to "Anonymous"

As you can see, I didn't make it back here last night to respond to this post. My hubby had practice for a gig this weekend so I had the house to myself. After dinner I curled up on the couch with one of my cats, Cloe, and ended up falling asleep. I am at 4:30am. Not only did I fall asleep very early last night, but Cloe the cat felt that 4:00am was a great hour to feed the cats. She has taken it upon herself to not only make sure I get enough snuggly cat time, but to insure that I never forget to feed her and Agnes in the mornings....that used to be Misha's job. I still miss my Mish very much. See Anonymous...(I can't help but think of "The Cat in the Hat" here and "Thing 1" and "Thing 2"...there are so many anonymous commenters I can't keep them straight and they all "look" a little bit alike, like "Things 1&2.") Anyway...see Anonymous...I do have a life. I have a husband who plays bass in a couple of bands as well as on the church worship team. I have 2 cats who graciously allow me to live in their home. I have a job that I have had for 12 years that gets in the way sometimes when I would rather be on the computer doing this stuff. I have the most beautiful little 3 year old girl in the world who looks at me with those big blue eyes and calls me "Grandma Honey." Oh...I HAVE a life alright! OK...I'm not sure why all that info was necessary but I typed it and the name of this blog is Vickie's Voice so it's staying...LOL Oh...and by the way. The "anonymous" that I spoke to in this last paragraph is not the same "Anonymous" that I am going to reply to now....pretty confusing stuff, huh? now, on to my reply to this "Anonymous".....

Anonymous said...

Hi Vickie,
There is a reason why I posted that anonymously.

I could have and probably should have just said nothing, or merely posted Read Mathew 6:14-15

6:14 For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you:

6:15 But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

However I truly liked the longer version with the verbatim explanation better. I use that site often as a reference point because it puts biblical reference into terms even a child could undertstand.

I understand that you felt that the words you posted said what you wanted to say better than you could. But, you didn't preface it with any words of your own. You didn't say, "Here's a quote that says it better than I ever could. You simply posted it as your own words.

I too have been in your shoes, I recognized the struggle!

I have passionately discussed this matter with my pastor, & my prayer group. I had to let it go as it was eating me up inside. I did not like what I was becoming, which was turning into a bitter person consumed with these issues that where carrying over into everyday life!

I was quite pleased that you understood exactly the message I was attempting to anonymously relay to you & actually relieved with your beautiful response because I was so nervous posting to you since you were my first post ever anywhere on this subject, I just really wanted to reach out to you & let you know that you are not alone.

I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt here in choosing to believe that you were trying to "reach out to me" with your comment. but, I have to tell you, your comment didn't feel kind and caring, it didn't feel like a gesture of friendship. It felt like you were judging and "correcting me." Again, there was no personal note form you saying, I have walked the walk you're walking now and I understand. There was simply a quote lifted from another site that smacked of "you need to forgive and move on."

I had much more that I wanted to say today, until I saw your cohorts started
up with the usual attack mode & mud slinging over @ LCF, & then now you
have posted shaming me about plagiarism. That was never my intent, It wasn't
ever about where I got the the wording from, I never even thought twice about it
& for that I apologize. It was about relaying the message I was attempting
to get across as simply as possible.

Ok...this is where you begin to lose me. First of all, your snippy little comment about "my cohorts" over at LCF makes it quite clear that you are not all about forgiveness and grace. You apparently, judging by your critical, judgemental tone about "my cohorts," are having a bit more of a struggle walking in the forgiveness you preach with the ducks than you do with Heidi Diaz. If you truly believe what you posted in the comments on my blog then you have to extend that same forgiveness to everyoone you disagree with, including "my cohorts"...the ducks.

I do regret having posted now as I am not a confrontational person &
that is why I choose to remain anonymous. Not using anonymity could be quite
dangerous in duck territory, & not everyone wishes to have their identity
plastered all over the net thus putting their reputations, family, job, &
church at risk. Not everyone that post anonymously is FOE. However anyone that
post anything is open for attack regardless if they are anonymous or not.

Maybe that reason alone is why so many others remain silent.

You know, there are times when the ducks do things that I don't completely agree with. And there are times when things swing a little too far in one direction or another. That is going to happen anytime you get a group of people together to try and accomplish anything. But, I have been interacting with the ducks on one level or another since last summer and I have found that the underlying motivation for all of it is to help people. You obviously have been reading the posts at LCF and reading the blogs. You can choose to stay offended at some of the methods or you can choose to look at the fruit of the efforts of these women. I see over and over again, people who are learning about the dangers of VLC diets and choosing to stop doing the Kimkins plan and learn a healthier way of eating. I see women who are realizing just how disordered it is to fiollow a plan like Kimkins and are taking steps to correct their relationship to food and dieting. Do I agree with everything the ducks do and say? Of course not. I don't agree with everything anybody does or says. There are always things we would do different if we were in charge of the world. But, I have chosen to look at the fruit of these efforts and to credit the ducks with good intentions. They are an amazing group of women from different backgrounds and with different personalities and communication styles but they have banded together to righ a wrong and I applaud their efforts.

Even many of the personal snide remarks about Heidi that are just mean,
pointless & anti-productive, for example the sugar cookies, & captain
morgan. Those cookies could have been her sons cookies, just because they were
on the seat of the vehicle doesn't make her guilty even though I think we could
all safely presume that they were, & just because someone mentions they like
or have drank rum doesn't make them an alcoholic. To paint even someone we don't
like as blithering drunken idiot munching on sugar cookies is unjustified, &

One thing that I have learned in my life is that people, no matter who
they are or how noble their cause, use humor and jokes to lighten to mood,
entertain themselves, or just to cope with the task at hand. Again and
again I read comments like yours bemoaning the fact that people are making
fun of Heidi Diaz. Honestly, I am really weary of hearing, "poor Heidi, the ducks are personally attacking her." Oh please...she defrauded THOUSANDS of people! She made people feel like failures for eating too many "finger grabs" of salad! She knowingly and purposely gave people dangerous advice while living a lie. If a little crude humor helps people cope with having been harmed by Heidi Diaz I say so be it. As I said, people in every walk of life do this very same thing to cope. Many years ago I was a nurse. I worked on the oncology floor of a hospital. Lay people would have been appalled at the things we laughed about in the employee lounge. More recently, I used to lead worship at a church. Than meant that I was involved in the leadership meetings at the church. Again, I'm sure people would have been shocked at some of the humor and things that were said. Every group of people who are working together uses humor at some point...and not everyone would be comfortable hearing it. It happens.

That is only one example of many out there that I have found
distasteful, & why I have not joined this crusade as I do not care to
surround myself with this sort of vindictiveness. I am only human, & I
that the vicious nature of all this would consume me again, & do
not want to
become that type of person, so I must choose to leave judgments
up to the court
of law here on earth, & up to the higher court of God
above, & I truly
trust with all my faith that justice will be served
without any nastiness input
on my behalf.

I'm sure that there are many things said that one person or another may find distasteful. I find it highly distasteful that Heidi Diaz is still operating a website that encourages people to follow a very dangerous diet plan. Are you aware that there are women dealing with some very serious helth effects from following this diet? I'm not talking about a little hair loss. I'm talking about very serious medical conditions brought about from following the Kimkins diet. I find THAT to be very distatseful.

You say that you choose to leave judgements up to the courts. Have you thought about the fact that this case wouldn't even be headed for the court system if not for the dedication and work done by the ducks you so vehemently oppose?

You say you don't want to surround yourself with all of this negativity but you are obviously reading the fascination thread and reading the you are surrounding yourself with it. It just appears that you haven't chosen which side you want to align yourself with.

I won't bother you or anyone again, call it a lesson learned, & again I apologize. No need to reply as I will not be back again to look for any more negativity. I think this was a sign for me to finally close this chapter in my life & move on. I have officially turned my burdens over to the one that is much more capable of handling them than I. So something good did come out of this, even if it only worked for my own peace of mind.

You take care Ms. Vickie, I know you will find the resolve & peace that you seek, it's there. Some things just take time, & you have to work thru them yourself & with your faith.

You will be in my prayers, as will everyone else!

Have A Blessed Day!
April 30, 2008 10:55 AM

It was no bother at all to have you visit and comment. If visiting and commenting on my blog somehow helped you to move on and put this all behind you then I am happy to have been a small part in helping you with that. Some of us however, aren't ready to move on and close this chapter of our lives while Heidi Diaz is still operating a website that encourages people to put their health and even their very lives at risk. Thank you for your prayers and I hope your day is blessed as well.


Anonymous said...

You my friend are a lady filled with class and Grace. I am proud to know you.
Amy B

VernsWifeVickie said... are so sweet. One of the things I am grateful for in this whole diet nightmare is that I got to know wonderful women like you!

Nancy Ellyn said...

You are a wonderful, gracious, patient, precious woman. I was never a member at Kimkins, but I feel a kindred spirit with you all!

Vickie said...

Nancy..thank you so much for the kind words that tempt my head to swell even as I am reading them! I love reading your posts at LCF and your blog posts with the yummy recipes! And...forgive me if I have you confused with another..but I think I visited a WONDERFUL blog about CATS that is also your blog, right?

Barbara B said...

What an eloquent blog post, Vickie. So well thought out and constructed. And from the heart. What a great woman you are.