Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'm not on a diet...

So...last night after work Vern and I went out for dinner. We went to one of those "Chinese" buffet places that also has a full selection of American choices. I made good choices. I had a put together a nice spinach salad from the salad bar. I picked some nice meats and some buttered mushrooms. I didn't stuff myself as I have been known to do at those places. I am pretty pleased with how it all went.

After the buffet Vern wanted to go to Dairy Queen and have a banana split. He ordered the banana split and two spoons. I had a few bites. It's ok because

The significance of my not being on a diet is this....because I am not on a diet, having a few bites of a banana split on Friday night with my husband does not have to trigger an all out binge! Oh how simple that sounds when I say it! The actual walking out of that fact was a little bit more difficult than it looks when I type it here. The evil little woman who lives in my brain and whispers her lies in my ear tried to tell me it needed to be a binge. She whispered, "Now you've blown it, you might as well eat this and this and this..." But, I didn't "blow it" because I am not on a it's impossible for me to "blow it." It took some effort for me to ignore the voice that's been whispering her lies to me for my whole life. But I did it. I had a few bites of a banana split and I was done.....because I AM NOT ON A DIET!


MrsMenopausal said...

WTG! Good for you, Vicky. I've just started LC a few days ago. My first introduction to LC WOE was Kimkins and I had no idea it wasn't the way it should be done. Now I'm on the right track and it's been easy and comfortable. I like your attitude about it. I feel the same way. :)

Vickie said...

Hi Mrs! I didn't realize that KK was your first experience with low carb. I'm glad you're enjoying doing it the way it should be done. Thanks so much for visiting my blog.