Monday, December 29, 2008

Another thing about it being Monday... that it's also a great day for new starts. So, today is also my first day back on my eating plan, "Let's Do Lunch." Along with all of my other ramblings I m going to be journaling my progress with that here as well.

I need to go and buy a sale so that I can track my weight. I haven't had one for a long time because it's a fine line between obsessing and tracking for me.....but I feel I am ready to have one in the house. I wish I could just go someplace and weigh because I only plan to weigh once a month or so. Oh well...I'll just go buy one. I took $$$ out of savings to go to the grocery store so I might as well take some more and buy a scale too.

So, I have frozen veggies and fresh fruit...I have a huge pot of mixed beans soaking.......I have several roasted chicken breasts packaged up in the fridge...I am ready to do this!

One thing I don't have is canned pumpkin. What is up with the canned pumpkin? For weeks now every store I have gone to has been out of canned pumpkin! I NEED canned pumpkin!!! Maybe tomorrow I'll find that too.

So, today was day one. I stayed on plan. I have a dull headache to show for it.

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