Saturday, January 17, 2009

As I was walking.... work yesterday, and listening to my Ipod, and thinking about many things, I had one of those moments when a profound yet simple thought just pops into your head. Here's what it was...

My goal this year, and for always really, is to become a better follower of Jesus, a better wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, and goal is NOT to become a better dieter. I know that may sound silly to some, but for someone who has spent a most of my adult life on one diet or another, who is intimately aquainted with Fitday, calorie counts,carb counts, this plan or that plan, it was profound. I knew this truth but somehow I haven't known it enought to have an effect on how I relate to food.

As I contemplate this truth and realize that it isn't license for me to run off and eat whatever I want I am beginning to realize the truth of the matter. Of course I need to learn to eat healthy and make better choices in regard to food. But if I am focusing my energies on keeping my heart happy in the Lord and using my energies to be a blessing to others it just seems like it should impact my relationship to food.

So, that's what I'm contemplating right now. Let's see how it impacts my life.

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