Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Mediation....'s Monday morning and I am at work...but I am not working. I am battling the urge to worry and fret and be sick to my stomach. This morning, less than ten minutes from now, my son and daughter in law will be sitting in a room with a mediator discussing the terms of ending their marriage and working out the details of splitting up their time with their precious girl, Autumn.

I hate this divorce. No wonder the bible says that God hates divorce. (Malachi 2:16) This fragmenting of a family, this reducing it all down to "this is yours, this is mine." It's ugly, it's painful and as much as I want to rest in the knowledge that God has this all under control, I find myself begging Him to work this out the way I think it should be.

So...I am taking a deep breath now. I WILL trust the Lord at all times and I will praise him and trust Him and dwell in the knowledge that He is ultimately in control and His grace and mercy are enough to overcome anything that happens in the lives of those I love.

I will continue to pray that no matter the outcome, God will draw my son, my beautiful granddaughter, and my daughter in law to Himself.


Grace said...

Hey Vickie...
I know it doesn't make sense right now... but you are a child of God and realize that there is a plan. I'm not sure when it will be revealed, but there will be something good that comes out of this. I know you and Vern are great grandparents to Autumn... May your presence with Autumn bring her peace. Comfort and peace to you too my friend.
- Slick

Vickie said...

Ahhh Slick...You are so right. Thank you for the reminder that God has a plan in all of this. You're right, it doesn't make sense to me now but then my thoughts are not God's thoughts nor my ways His ways...are they? Thank you again for reading my blog and offering words of comfort and grace. I appreciate it so much.