Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Early Wednesday Morning...

....and I am sipping my coffee and getting ready to face the day. I have a cat here with me who very much wants to get on my lap where the keyboard just happens to be so this will be quite the challenge typing this post! Anyway, here I am on Wednesday morning at 5:30am. I feel like I don't really have much to say but I need to post something or it will suddenly be six months later and I won't have posted anything at all in the entire six months. So here I am.

I have been back on "Let's Do Lunch" since December 29. I have gone off plan once in that time. Besides that one time, I have followed the plan and I am feeling good about it. Yesterday I also began walking to work again. It's one mile from my front door to my job so it's a nice little walk. I am determined to make healthier choices in 2009 than I did in 2008.

I also started a daily bible reading plan...again....on January 1.....another healthy choice!

I continue to struggle with my emotions over my son's impending divorce. I am trying very hard to trust God and to believe that He will bring beauty from ashes in all of this. It's just so hard to watch people I love going through such a difficult thing. Probably the biggest struggle I am having right now is keeping my own heart right with my daughter in law. She seems to be completely blind to her own role in all of this and has chosen to play the innocent victim.....nothing could be further from the truth. I want to slap her and tell her what I think of her behavior over the past few years but that wouldn't accomplish anything positive....and it certainly wouldn't be behavior pleasing to the Lord! So I am doing my best to keep the relationship cordial. She is Autumn's mother and I feel it's important for Autumn that we all try and remain cordial. Plus, when it's all said and done

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