Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day...and a couple of other things...

My plan was to publish this post yesterday..on the Forth of July...but the time got away from me and I found myself busy preparing food and getting the house ready for a BBQ get together with my sons, my daughter-in-law, and my beautiful grand daughter...the get together was wonderful and it was after 11pm when we sent everyone home with packages of leftover food.

So anyway...this is what I was going to post yesterday..

We went to a ball game with my youngest son, Colin, and his wife, Christina, on Saturday. We had such a great time!!

A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to get some complimentary Weight Watchers Cheese and review it here on my blog. I was sent two coupons for any of the Weight Watchers Cheese products that I wanted to try. How cool is that!? (I feel like a "real" blogger now!)

Honestly, I was a little bit surprised to find that these products were not as easily available as I had thought they would be. I normally buy groceries at Costco, Walmart, Food 4 Less, and Vons. None of these stores carried the Weight Watchers Cheese products. I finally found them at Albertsons.

I decided to try the cream cheese and smoked provolone varieties of the product.

I loved the cream cheese! It is packaged in little single serving containers which I really, really like because it's like automatic portion control! I incorporated it into my breakfast by spreading it on a toasted Bagel Thin. This cream cheese was very good. It was rich and creamy and I would not have known it was reduced fat by the flavor. I will buy this again, inspite of the fact that it's a bit inconvenient to find.

I used the provolone variety in my lunch menu. It was decent but I was not as impressed with it as I was the cream cheese. I used it on a sandwich with smoked turkey and it didn't have a strong enough flavor to hold its own on the sandwich. I'm thinking that it might be really good eaten with apple slices though. The other thing with it is this...I felt like the 1 point label on the package was a little bit misleading when coupled with the nutritional information on the back. Frankly I was surprised that Weight Watchers would present it with a one point per slice label on the front and then the serving size in the nutritional information is 2 slices. I think for someone who simply skimmed lables rather than reading them fully, this could be an issue.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to try these two products!!

This last photo is simply here because it's cute and it made me smile. This is my cat Freddie resting up for a long night. Apparently, having enough energy to bug your humans off and on all night long requires some catnapping during the daylight hours.


Debbie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am going to try some of the WW cream cheese if I can find it. I would appreciate any other suggestions you have. Thanks....

Patrick said...

Hi Vickie, lots of great food pix on your blog here. And of the San Diego area. I've been to the area several times and I love it. Looks like you have made progress in your desire to lose weight too, excellent!