Saturday, July 17, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award!...

I got this cool blog award from Patrick over at Resonsibility 199. I only recently discovered Patrick's blog and I'm so glad I did. His blog is a down to earth, honest, inspiring blog. If you aren't already following Patrick, head over there now (well, finish reading MY blog first...LOL) and check him out!

Here are the rules of the award...

1. Thank the person giving the award
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Nominate 15 newly discovered blogs.
4. Let your nominees know about the award.

OK...Thank you Patrick! I'm honored to be included in your list of 15 newly discovered blogs! I'm looking forward to visiting the other blogs you listed.

Seven things about myself...Hmmm..

1. I am a Christian. I came to the Lord late in life, after a very tumultuous, confused, self-destructive early adulthood. I love the Lord Jesus with my whole heart and I am determined, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to live a life that's worthy of the redemption He's given to me!

2. I have 3 sisters and I am one of the middle siblings. I am second to the youngest. I am convinced that the reason for my Dad's dementia is that he lived in a house for so long with 5 females!...LOL

3. My husband and I bought the business I have worked at for the past 14 years. We took ownership in January of this year and we are still walking around pinching ourselves to make sure we are awake and this is real...well, that's when we have TIME to pinch ourselves in the midst of the increased responsibility!

4. I have 3 sons. Chris is 35 and is daddy to lil Miss Autumn, who is my HEART! Courtney is 32. He is the middle child and owns a very special niche in my heart, He was born on my 20th birthday, in the same hospital I was born in. Colin is 30. He is newly married to Christina whom I have grown to love like my own daughter. They just bought the condo across the street from us and I love, love, love having them as neighbors.

5. Vern and I share our home with 3 completely indoor cats. Agnes is a long haired, grey tabby. She is about 5 years old and she takes her role as grouchy old cat very seriously. Fred and Ethyl are littermates that we got just over a year ago. They are adorable and mischievious and they keep us laughing at their antics every single day. Fred is a short haired, white with orange striped patches and he is absoulutely, hands down, my FAVORITE. He is so darned cute and has his lil paws firmly wrapped around my heart. Ethyl is long haired, white with black striped and orange striped patches. She is a tiny little beauty of a cat! She is our diva, drama queen, girlie-girl cat! Most of my friends and family simply shake thier heads over my affection for and complete lack of discipline with, my cats! I love, love, love my cats and if I had a big place out in the country I would have oodles of them.

6. Vern and I have been married for almost 6 years. Before I met Vern I had stopped believing in soul mates. Vern has taught me to love and be loved again. He has taught me how to play and how to ride a bike again. We have had some very rocky times in our time together but we have grown to love each other more deeply and become more committed to each other and to our marriage as we have worked through the rough times. I thank God for the life we have together.

7. I mentioned her in number four, above....I am "Grandma Honey" to the most amazing little girl in the entire world. Autumn Ann Marie. Autumn is almost 6 years old. She was born on the day Vern and I got married...that's a whole 'nother story!...I got the nickname "Grandma Honey" because I call people "Honey" and it differentiated me from her other Grandma. Becoming a Grandmother is one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced. Before she was born, people tried to tell me how amazing it is to become a grandmother...but I could not have ever imagined it until it happened to me!

Now...I really hate to break the rules of the award...I really do...but all the blogs I know about have already received this award. I'm sorry to drop the ball here. I guess I need to get around blogland more....

Thanks Patrick...this was fun.

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Joy said...

Vickie, I loved learning more about you! I love being a grandma too. My grand daughter named me Baboo. I don't know why, but it stuck. I'm probably the only grandma Baboo in the world. Hugs!