Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mirror Challenge Award

I received this really cute blog award from Lesia at "Here We Go...Hold On Tight!
In order to fulfill my requirements for this award I have to do the following:

1. Thank the giver: Thanks, Lesia!!! I'm so glad we met through our blogs and have formed a bond of friendship that is growing stronger each day!

2. Link back to the giver: Right Here.

3. Look in the mirror and find 10 things I like about myself. Hmmm..Why is that a scary thought!?

4. Pass it on to 3 people. we go. Lets see if I can find 10 things I like about myself!

1. I'll start with the easy one. I love my eyes. They are the one feature I have that I really, really believe to be beautiful. My Dad has big, beautiful blue eyes and I was fortunate to inherit that trait from him!

2. I love my that different from loving my eyes? I think it is. I like that I have long, thick eyelashes.

3. I like my hair. You would have to know me to know what an amazing statement this really is. The whole time I was growing up and throughout most of my adult life I was told that I had "bad" hair...I kept my hair very short for most of my life because I believed that it was ugly. A couple of years ago I decided to let it grow and see what happened. At the same time I also stopped coloring it. It's now shoulder length or a little longer. It's completely my natural color, streaked with grey...and I really like it. I see my hair in the mirror and I think it's pretty. Wow!

4. I like that, even at 200 pounds, I have a feminine shape. I like my curves.

5. I like my height. I like being 5'5"...I'm not tall and I'm not short...I like that.

6. I like my legs. Right now they are a little too white and my veins are really spidery as I get older...but I like the shape of my legs. And, I like that they are strong enough to carry me on my 5 mile walks and peddle my bike for as many miles as I choose to ride.

7. I like my nose. I NEVER thought I would be able to say that! My nose is rather long and even a little "beak like"...but it's my nose. My Aunt Minnie had the same nose and I LOVED my Aunt Minnie (R.I.P. Aunt Minnie) and my nose reminds me of her so I've grown to not only accept my nose but to love it.

8. I like my skin. When I was young I hated my skin. I wished so much for flawless skin with no freckles! I have come to a place of peace with my skin.

9. I like my cheekbones.

10. OK...this one's a little strange...I like that my butt is big even when I am not overweight. I like my butt!...LOL (I can't believe I said that!)

It's so hard to make a list of ten things you like when you look in the mirror with out making a mental list of the things you don't like!!!

Thanks Lesia...this was such a good, healthy, thing for me to do!!! Great idea!

Now for the three people I'd like to pass this on to....

1. Joy at Nuggets of Truth I discovered Joy's blog a few weeks back and I love reading about her journey!

2. Karla at Daily Thoughts Karla is a fellow weight watchers blogger. Her blog is full of great photos of her menus and she inspires me with her "can do" attitude and no nonsense approach to weight loss!

3. My dear Friend Amy B at Our Daily Blessing...Life Amy is an amazing woman who is battling cancer and has a son with some significant, severe, health issues and somehow manages to move forward with a faith and hope that I admire deeply.


Patrick said...

Curves, gotta like curves :-)

Congrats on the well deserved award!

Lesia said...

That came way too easy for you. You are my idol. I too love ALL those things about you. Great job. love ya.

Karla said...

thank you... ah I think... really ....I have to name 10 things I like about myself. wow this is going to be hard!! Maybe thats the thing, learning to see ourselves in a more positive light .... I think my bulb is dim and needs to be replaced... OK, I am a nerd

anne h said...

Pretty eyes, for a fact!
And I love how they see the world!

Vickie said...

Thanks so much for the positive feedback! I am amazed at how much easier it is to find ten things I DON'T like in the mirror that to find ten things I DO like!