Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's about time for an update, don't you think?

So, back in October I had decided I was going to be better about keeping up my blog. As you can see, that didn't happen. I think I just haven't known what to say. It's been months since I was banned from the Kimkins website and yet I find myself still dealing with the aftermath of it all. I only followed the Kimkins plan for a short time. I only lost 27 pounds, most of which I have gained back. My hair has become healthy again. I'm grateful for that.

This whole experience with Kimkins has made me stop and think about alot of things. One thing I have had to realize is that I don't know everything I think I know. I am an intelligent woman and I fell for the lies. That's been hard to face, admit, come to terms with, and move on. At least, I think I've moved on. Some days I'm not so sure. One thing I am still troubled by is the realization that there are people like Heidi Diaz. I mean, I knew there were people like her but none have really been a part of my reality before. I have "met" so many nice people on the internet and I have mostly just taken them at face value. Now a part of that is spoiled. Now there is always the knowledge that the person behind the smiling avatar, the person I am conversing with, might be someone completely different than who or what they are portraying themself to be. It's kinda creepy now. It's got me a little bit freaked out, if the truth be told. I am not nearly as active on line as I used to be. Like I said, it's kinda creepy now. I lurk alot. I don't post much anymore.

I was going to say more tonight. I started this post over the weekend but now it's Thursday 3/20 and I don't know how to change the date on the post.....anyway, I was going to say more tonight but thinking about this makes me feel sort of sad......almost homesick for the way things felt before I am going to stop for now. For tonight this is enough.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vicki,
I know what you mean. I didn't realize that KK was something other than I thought it was. I'm more cautious now.
Your blog is great keep it up, you'll get back to shedding the weight again.

VernsWifeVickie said...

Hi Lauren,
Thanks for commenting on my blog. Isn't it rather sad how the experience with KK is still affecting so many of us, months after we've stopped doing the plan? Hopefully Heidi Diaz will be brought to justice before too much longer.

Anonymous said...

It's all a part of growing up online. In fact, our kids can run into charming likeable teens on chats who turn out to be adult pedophiles. I think our education with fat liars is in a whole 'nother category, as far as personal safety goes. But the loss of innocence is hard, isn't it? Mourn that, but be guided by what you've learned.

OhYeahBabe said...

Hi Vickie,
I understand what you mean about finding out there are people like Heidi Diaz in the world. It's disturbing and unsettling, you know?

I wish the best for you.
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VernsWifeVickie said...

Ohyeahbabe, yes, it is disturbing. It's more disturbing to me that I believed know? Thanks for visiting my blog and for the well wishes