Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'm doing it....

really I am! I am staying on plan. I am counting points. I am walking...and walking. I am just not being good about posting it. I haven't been consistent about photographing my food....but I have been consistent about counting points and staying on plan. The consistent blogging of my days is just around the corner...really it is..

Life continues to be crazy busy here at our house. My sister moved in with us. We have two new kittens (who have captured our hearts in a BIG way...LOL) I have trained (and then fired) a new assistant at work. It seems as though we hit the ground running and don't stop until we fall into bed at night...and yet it feels like we aren't getting anything done. What's up with that?

I got an iphone...finally...I love this phone! Oh my goodness...I love this phone! This is the best gadget ever! Did I mention...I love my new phone!?


Grace said...

So Vickie... do you LOVE your new phone? LOL
I'm going to be at computer soon... so perhaps in an hour or so you'll be able to see my post from last weekend.... share the love... okay? Hugs!

Amy B said...

Umm...Miss Vickie..Do you love your iphone? LOL.

YOu know I may get to meet up with you one day soon..would you like that? There is a medical issue that we will be dealing with that is less then an hour away from Nanci...I may be there a few think? Yes...we can eat and chat and know what know you want to..and we will..right? RIGHT?

Vickie said...

Yes...I do love my new phone! I love it sooo much!!!

Grace..I loved your post about the weekend.

Amy...You just let me know when and where and I will be there!! I would love to meet you in person. And yes, yes, yes...I do want to...we'll go for a drive...RIGHT!?....LOL