Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm still trying to get back into the habit of photo journaling my menus...and forgetting to take pictures more than I am remembering! But here's what i do have for yesterday...
Breakfast was a Weight Watchers yogurt, some uncooked oats and a half an apple. I also had my usual morning coffee with almond breeze and a little cream (carefully measured of course) for a morning total of 6 points.

Lunch was a frozen entree on a bed of greens garnished with grape tomatoes for a total of 6.5 points.

My afternoon snack was an apple and some hummus. Yesterday was a VERY snacky day and my assorted snacks and skinny lattes added up to a grand total of 17 points!!!!! So...I used up a pretty good chunk of my weekly points with those choices! ahem...moving right along...

Dinner was a skinless chicken thigh and some green beans as I was running out the door to bible study....4 points.

Total for the day: 33.5 points
weekly points used 9.5

Life is super busy for me right now....but I am determined the very least...journal my menus!


Deborah said...

Miss Vickie,
Atta girl.....get yourself right back up there on that horse!!!!! I sense almost relief in your posts and you regain your control. You dont have to be just have to be headed in the right direction!!!! Most important thing is your are journaling and accountable again. YEAH!!!!
Love Ya Lots

Grace said...

So glad to see the food porn. Hard to get back on track... don't I know it. I promise I'll have something up soon... and link to you. Loved seeing you!