Monday, August 3, 2009

Back to reality....

(insert heavy sigh here, not a sad sigh but a sigh of resignation to reality)

Today it's back to reality for me in more ways than one! I have been on vacation for a week. I didn't leave town. I spent my vacation here at home but I was off from work for a week. Today I go back to work. I'm grateful that I have a wonderful job, I really am. But it sure was nice being off for a week!

I am also resigned to getting back on my healthy eating plan by returning to counting Weight Watcher points.

Oh, and then there's the reality of the need for exercise..

...and the reality of the photos we took yesterday at Disneyland. We went for Vern's birthday. We had a wonderful time. The photos show an obese middle aged woman standing next to my handsome husband...that woman needs to step aside! That's reality! (I'll post the photos of our wonderful day at Disneyland a bit later)

...and the big, slap in the face reality of my weekly weigh in. How appropriate that my socks have cupcakes on them....there are some cupcakes in the trash downstairs...along with some golden, chocolate filled Oreos...alrighty then....on to Monday!

1 comment:

Grace said...

So no empress' socks today, huh? Well I"m impressed... 2 lbs up from last post AND you were on a staycation... that's impressive my friend. Have a blessed monday!