Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Sunday was Vern's birthday. Disneyland offers a free ticket on your birthday if you sign up for it on their website. We decided that the "happiest place on earth" would be a great place to celebrate!

What great fun we had!! We ended up doing the upgrade to annual passes. Here's a tidbit of information that I was so pleasantly surprised to learn...they let us use Vern's free birthday ticket for the upgrade! Here's how it works, in order to do the annual pass, and do monthly payments rather han a lump sum, you need to buy a ticket and then upgrade it. So it would normally be $144.00 for the tickets which could then be upgraded to the annual pass. But they counted Vern's free birthday ticket as $72.00 so we only had to pay the 72.00 for my ticket and then pay the balance monthly. We're so excited to know that we can now go to Disneyland or California Adventure as often as we want to all year long!

So anyway..here are a few snapshots from our day..

This is so funny to me...we live in Santee which is in San Diego County. Up until just a few months ago there were no Sonic Drive Ins in San Diego. But they built one this past winter right here in Santee. It's within a couple of blocks of our home but we have never eaten there because it is so crazy crowded all the time. They seriously have traffic control directing cars into the place and it's been that way since they opened. People are honest to goodness sitting in lines on the back street in their cars waiting for their turn to get into the parking lot. So we, being unwilling to sit in line for 30 to 40 minutes to go to Sonic, have not been!

Vern had never been to Sonic at all so we decided to go to Sonic on our way to Disneyland. So here we are at the Sonic in Anaheim, 3 miles from Disneyland. How funny that we can't even get into the parking lot of the Sonic by our house but at this one, we were one of only two cars there! Of course we had the "toaster breakfast sandwich combo" with tater tots! Vern likes sausage and egg McMuffins better but was glad to finally be able to eat at Sonic.

The rest of these were simply photos we took throughout the day. We had a ball. I am not real happy about that middle aged obese woman being next to my husband in all the shots...great motivation to stay on my diet plan!


Grace said...

Your list of foods yesterday reminded me that we are out of milk at the house... thank you.. I added it to my grocery list. :)

When I saw this "...I am not real happy about that middle aged obese woman being next to my husband in all the shots..." I first thought... OMG... Vern is having an affair and Vickie is blogging about it... LOL

Good motivation, I'm sure... but you do look great. You both make a striking couple.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Grace.....you are a great looking couple! I love how happy you both look more than anything!
Happy Birthday Vern!

Nanci (gran)