Tuesday, October 6, 2009

So my sister and I went on a retreat...

...we took matching bags

And we had matching pedicures.

It was on Mt Palomar, so we stopped at the observatory.

We saw some of the local wildlife on the drive up.

And were fascinated by the woodpeckers while we were there.

Of course I made friends with the camp cat. I am a cat person you know.

We wore matching hats,

and we had matching bedding....and we dressed alike too.

We drank coffee together in our matching pink hoodies!

We had some quiet time to reflect on the Word.

My friend the cat, who was called "Stinky" by the staff, but who confided to me that his name is really Edward, joined us for coffee each morning.

And finally we had a really wonderful communion service, after which we symbolically wrote one thing that we felt God was calling us to finally, truly, surrender to Him, on a piece of paper towel and dropped it in the "blood" of Jesus. It was a moving and emotional act.

The retreat was a lovely, three day weekend. I have been intending to share the photos of it here for a while, and today I finally found the time to do so.

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