Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Catching Up...Whew, I'm BUSY!!

Monday & Tuesday 12/3-4/2012

Such a busy, busy season!! It's hard to find time to fit everything in! So there will probably be a few of these "hit the highlights" posts over the course of the next month.

I'm trying to be more intentional about getting my activity points each day, rather than only hitting my activity goals on the days when I run. So one thing I've done is set my iPhone alarm to go off every hour at work to remind me to get up and move. On Monday I was able to take a quick walk around the outside of our building each time. Tuesday was more chaotic but I did at least get up and stretch and walk laps around the shop. I also left early for work on Monday and walked the long way to get there. On Tuesday I interval ran 3.5 miles

On Minday I had a cheeseburger from In-n-Out for lunch. I had it "protein style" (wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun) it was 9 PointsPlus. I am pretty stinkin happy about THAT!!

Here are my stats for both days:

39 Total PointsPlus
Weekly Points used 13
Weekly remaining 32
ActiveLink earned 5
ActiveLink remaining 16
Under 33 PointsPlus-no
At least 2-4 ActiveLink Pts-yes

28 PointsPlus total
Weekly used 2
Weekly Remaining 30
ActiveLink earned 7
ActiveLink remaining 23
Under 33 PointsPlus-yes
At least 2-4 ActiveLink Pts-yes

The photo collage is a from both days. Just the meals I had. There are some frozen entrees in the mix. I add stuff to them and "doctor them up" to make them healthier and more satisfying....they are a life saver for me when I am busy!!

Okay...that's it...onward!!

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