Sunday, December 2, 2012

Saturday December 1, 2012

Saturday December 1, 2012

This was a good day. I started the day with a seven mile interval run. I'm nursing a sore foot, and breaking in new running shoes, but it was a pretty good run. I walked more than usual but I got some miles in.

We're super busy with holiday orders at the shop. So, after my run I showered and headed to the shop to get some things done. I worked for a few hours. I have supplies at the shop to be able to fix simple meals there and that is very helpful. I had breakfast and lunch while I was there.

A while back I mentioned that I was going to try and eliminate a lot of the artificial sweeteners from my diet and try to use mainly "real" foods. I haven't had a diet soda in about 4 days, I think. It may be longer but I'm not sure. I switched to half and half in my coffee, rather than sugar free French vanilla Coffee-Mate, about a week ago. I'm still using some stevia but have cut most of the sucralose and aspartame from my diet. The aching in my legs is significantly reduced so I really think I am on to something here.

I'm excited to hear what the changes to the Weight Watchers plan will be. The new plan rolls out today in meeting rooms. I'll hear about it on Friday when I go to my meeting. I've poked around on line and it looks like the changes are mainly with the tools and not so much with the plan itself. It will be interesting to find out. I'm almost tempted to go to an early meeting but I'm going to wait until Friday to hear it from my leader.'s my menu for Saturday.

Smart Ones Waffles &
Turkey Sausage
Coffee with half and half
8 PointsPlus

Roasted Turkey Breast Sandwich
On 2 slices of Roman Meal Bread
Fat Free Cheddar Cheese Slice
Tomatoes & Spinach
Carrot Chips
5 PointsPlus

Sliced Apple

Rotisserie Chicken Breast
Kale Salad sautéed in
1tsp olive oil
7 PointsPlus

Pumpkin Spice "Sherbet"
3/4 cup frozen canned pumpkin
1 small frozen banana
1/2 cup almond/coconut milk
Pumpkin pie spice
Blend together until it's the consistency of soft serve and fluffy
1 PointsPlus if you count the fruit as zero.
5 PointsPlus if you count the points for the fruit.

Total 21
(25 if I count the sherbet as 5)
Weekly used 0
Weekly remaining 48
ActiveLink earned 10
ActiveLink Remaining 10

Under 33 PointsPlus-yes
At least 2-4 ActiveLink Points-yes

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spunkysuzi said...

They didn't change the points/food part of the program but added some features that help with habits and daily planning etc. It's actually good that instead of focusing on the points they're focusing on why we do things and what we can do to change them.