Sunday, September 22, 2013

Saturday September 21, 2013

I started the day with a 5.2 mile walk/run. I did intervals for the first three miles. Then I walked the 4th mile. And finished with intervals for the 5th. I'm working on increasing my walking pace and find myself doing more walking recently. 

This time, before heading out for my run, I had a tablespoon of chia seeds and a half of a banana. I find that my run goes better when I have a little something to fuel my muscles. It's so easy to run around in the morning getting ready to head out, and forget to eat something. When that happens I find myself fading at about mile four. So anyway, the banana and chia seemed to do the trick. I hadn't been out for about 10 days and it felt really good to get out and get it done!

We had a family BBQ get together at my mom's house. I did well with my choices. I had to remain mindful because it's so easy to just keep popping chips and appetizers in my mouth while sitting around visiting! I allowed myself some indulgences but I PICKED what I wanted rather than just mindlessly munching. And I tracked it all. I brought veggie burger patties to substitute for the hamburgers and I ate mine wrapped in lettuce. 

Dinner was leftover spaghetti squash with tofu and spaghetti sauce. And I had popcorn, which I probably really didn't need, as a nighttime snack. 

So, I had a 34 point day and used 8 weekly points. I earned 7 activity points so I'm calling it even. I'm happy with the choices I made and proud of maintaining control in a setting that usually triggers me to go way overboard. 

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Shannon Tatlock said...

I tried eating chia seeds, but I found they made me bloated. Do you cook yours? Or just eat them raw?