Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Update: Tuesday 9/17/13

Yay!! First day back to normal after the long weekend! It's always good to get back to normal, back to the routines that keep me on a healthy path. 

Being gone all weekend, I didn't get to the grocery store. So, I had to find something to take for lunch or the temptation to have fast food would have been too much. I had some squash that I roasted when we got home (to keep it from going bad), and I dug around and found a can of turkey chili in the cupboard...perfect! 

I made a quick trip to the store after work to get some fresh fruit and salads for lunch. Rather than making my own salads this week, I picked up some ready made salad bowls from Von's. they have several different varieties, they average 5-8 PointsPlus, and cost $2.99 when you buy 3 or more. I find them to be an easy lunch and it saves me the washing, slicing, and assembling on weeks when I'm short on time. 

I'm discovering that these long Disneyland weekends exhaust me and I find it difficult to get back to my exercise routine. I haven't been out running yet this week, and I'm typing this on Wednesday morning...sigh....I might try and get out there tonight after work. If not, then tomorrow morning for sure. 

Here's my tracker for Tuesday. 

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