Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday Morning Update

Good morning! It's Thursday morning and I haven't worked out all week! I am finding that those weekends at Disneyland leave me exhausted and lazy when we get home! Thankfully, we don't have plans for any more extended weekend trips for a while! I need a few weeks of normal routine. 

I am mentally preparing for a run on Saturday morning to get me back on track. I am going to pop in my PointsPlus Cardio Stretch DVD when I am done with this update. I've been stretching this week but not the full 30 minute, guided stretch that the DVD offers. 

I'm still feeling a little puffy from my weekend and fully expect to see a gain on the scale tomorrow at my weigh in. 

I didn't do my Sunday afternoon meal prep for the week so my lunches this week are ready made salad bowls from Vons. They're really quite good. that's where I'm at :)

Here's my  tracker for Wednesday: 

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