Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tuesday 9/10/13

I had a good day. I started the day with the 15 minute express version of the Full Body Cardio Stretch before going out for my walk/run. I'm sore from the stretching and from the planks that are part of the workout. But, it's the kind of sore that tells you're doing good things for those muscles. My run was 3.3 miles. It's getting light later and later and I know the day is coming soon when I'll need to move inside to the treadmill for my weekday runs. I know it's coming but I am not looking forward to it and I'm enjoying being outdoors in the morning while I can. 

I stayed within my points allowance and tracked and drank my water ....Yay me!!

I saw a recipe for chili that was just a bunch of cans of stuff heated together. I made my own version if a similar chili for dinner. It was hearty and tasty. I'm posting the recipe along with this post. 

That's it, nothing really exciting, just me, sticking to my healthy plans and making routines that make this all easier! 

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Shannon Tatlock said...

Thanks for that recipe! I am going to have to try, it looks YUM!