Sunday, February 17, 2013

Reflection on a lifestyle change.

How about an update of a little different type?

First thing; I lost a pound this week at my Weight Watchers meeting.

But, yesterday (Saturday) as I was running I started REALLY thinking about how much my life has changed over the past few years.

I was doing a long run (walk/jog) because it was Saturday and that's just what I do. There's no decision making involved, or motivation, or second's just part of my ROUTINE. haha! Weight Watchers 360 focuses on tracking, spaces, and ROUTINES. The premise of having routines in place is that it takes the willpower aspect out of it. The behavior just becomes ROUTINE.

So anyway, I was in the latter part of my run. I was doing the last miles by doing laps around the perimeter if the shopping center near my house. I was in mile seven. I had walk/jogged in one minute intervals for most of those miles, except that I did some jog 2 minutes/walk 1 minute intervals for miles two and three. So as I was nearing the end of mile seven, I told myself I was going to finish up by walking mile eight and then heading toward home when my running app announced mile eight in my ear.

I had no sooner had that thought when the reality of the conversation I was having with myself hit me. Here I was, walking, jogging, muscles burning, face flushed, feeling so completely alive...and deciding whether I wanted to go a little farther, walk or continue intervals, FOR MILE

It was a sudden realization of how far I've come. There was a time when I never ever would have dreamed that there would come a time when I would have that conversation with myself. I vividly remember the day, several years ago when I decided to start walking. This was long before I started Weight Watchers even. We lived in City Heights and I started driving down the hill to the trolley station, parking at the station, and taking the trolley to Santee. It is one mile from the trolley station to my shop. I started walking from the trolley to work, and back after work. One mile on flat ground and I felt like I was going to die! It was so hard. I was so out of shape.

And here I am today! I am able to push my body to do more than I ever dreamed I would be able to do. I run 3 days a week. I work out the other days with a DVD work out at home.

I am active. I am fit. I am learning to make healthy eating a lifestyle and not a passing diet. It's not always been an easy journey. It has taken determination and a decision to not stay where I was.

I have a way to go with the weight loss part of my journey. It will come.

"I'm not where I want to be, but I'm sure not where I used to be"