Saturday, February 9, 2013

Weekly Weigh-In .... Start of a New Week

I had my Weight Watcher meeting on Friday morning. I was up .2 pounds. (Point Two) I'm fine with it. I expected to either stay the same or gain a little.

I love Friday. I love the start of a new week. It's always feels like a new opportunity to start fresh. Even when I've had a great week before, I love the feeling of a fresh new week.

So anyway, we talked about exercise and ways to fit it in to our busy lives. I am learning that feeling motivated really should have nothing to do with my choice to exercise. This is one area where I feel like I've made some really significant changes to my lifestyle. I walk/run 3 days a week regularly. It's become part of my normal routine. It's just something I do...whether I feel motivated or not.
I recently started working out with the PointsPlus DVD on the days I don't run. It's a sampler DVD that came in the 360 Success Kit. At my meeting on Friday I bought the full set. I've tried a few different work out DVDs and this one is just a good fit for me.

Foodwise I did well. I tracked and stayed within my points target. It was my exercise rest day. I earned 1 ActiveLink point. I don't think I've mentioned that I started wearing my FitBit again as well. I like seeing the total steps, elevation and miles. And I like the encouraging push notifications it sends to my phone.

Today, Saturday, I am getting ready to go for a walk/run. It's cold and wet out there but I think the storm is over. We have plans to take the trolley to Seaport Village and tour the Midway Museum but we may postpone, depending on the weather. If we do go...there's another challenge to learn to make healthy food choices in real life situations :)

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