Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday June 21...

Ahem....well....I had a lil' run in with some movie popcorn and a meal at Daphne's Greek Cafe....I can't say that I really fell off plan because I had the weekly points to cover it...but I did use up every single weekly points allowance point I had coming this week! Honestly, I was SHOCKED when I figured the points. I knew it would be high but seeing it in black and white was eye opening. Sort of like when you shop all day long and then sit down and realize how much you spent! So anyway, I would have really been just as satisfied with half of the meal I ate so next time I will put half in a "to-go" box or throw it away before i begin to eat. The way I see's no more of a waste to throw it away than it is to wear it on my body as fat...right? The other thing is this...I KNEW I needed to take my big purse, filled with popcorn and/or other points friendly snacks, into the theatre but I foolishly didn't do it. THAT won't happen again.

Today, Vern and I are meeting a Weight Watcher blog friend, Lesia, and her family for a day at Seaworld. I am so looking forward to meeting them in person and enjoying a beautiful southern California day! I love meeting, in person, the friends who live in my computer!!!

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Joy said...

Vickie, This is a life process and sometimes you just have to live it!! I have noticed things don't always go according to my plans. Keep up the great work, you know what you need to do. You can do this!!! Have a great time at Seaworld and say "Hi" to Lesia for me. Hugs!