Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday June 6....

Here I am...What a crazy few days it's been! It started on Thursday when my sister called me at work and said she thought she was having a reaction to some medication she took. I left work and drove her to urgent care. That was the beginning of a VERY LONG NIGHT. Long story short....they ended up sending her by ambulance to another ER and it was 3am before they decided to admit her and I left for home. I still had to be up on Friday morning to open the Friday was a VERY LONG DAY.

Saturday morning I walked 5 miles with some friends from church and then hubby and I went to the airshow near our home.

Today I walked with a big group of Weight Watchers in a 5K challenge walk. We actually walked 5 miles arund a lake but the official event was 5K. Then I picked my sister up from the hospital and ran around getting her prescriptions filled, etc. I finally have a few minutes to pop in her and update my blog a little.

Sorry, no photos this time...too much crazy busy stuff going on. The past week or ten days has been kinda-sorta on plan most of the time with bursts of off plan nonsense. I missed my weigh in on Thursday because I was at the ER with my sister. So we'll see how it goes this week.

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Lesia said...

You can't just leave me hanging...What is wrong with your sister? Is she going to be ok? Hope you get time to rest or do something for yourself this week. I did the 5K too here in