Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday Night...

Tonight was my weigh in. I lost 2 pounds. So, since starting WW on April 1, I have lost 17.6 pounds.

Here's what I ate today..

Breakfast was oatmeal, Fiber One, PB2, and a banana

Lunch was leftover Ground Turkey Goulash (that I made a while back and froze), roasted Vegetables, and some shredded, reduced fat cheese...and a giant, diet cherry limeade.

Dinner was grilled chicken breast, "creamed" spinach, and potaotes O'Brien.

After Dinner: Frozen FF Yogurt, a banana, and PB2 mixed with water to make a sauce.

I walked 16,238 steps today for 6 activity points
I ate 28 points today.
My points allowance is 24 points.
I used 4 weekly points
I have 31 weekly points remaining and 6 activity points.

1 comment:

Lesia said...

Good choices of food. I can't eat bananas or I WILL gain. I love them but I always gain when I eat them. Weird I know. I also lost 2 last night. My meetings are Thursday too. See you soon!