Thursday, June 10, 2010

This is the e-mail that my Weight Watcher's meeting leader sent out, that I blogged about here. It so spoke to where I am at right now that I asked her for permission to share it here.

Patterns... Patterns are one of the most essential tools that can be taught. Without them, the fundamentals of reading, writing, and arithmetic would be difficult to learn. By the same token, examining some patterns in our own personal lives can help us learn, too.

Some patterns are excellent to keep repeating. Others simply lead us down paths that set us up for disappointment. Unless you recognize the difference and CHANGE those negative patterns, chances are history will repeat itself. You'll keep ending up with the same thing you already have. Whether those patterns be in relationships, career moves, or eating behaviors, unless something is altered, nothing will change.

Einstein said that doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results is insanity. I'm not so sure it's insanity, but it's certainly futile to success if what you're trying isn't producing results you want.

So, what behaviors/choices are you making that produce a negative pattern? Buying ice cream and bringing it home? Then sitting with the whole container in your lap and a big spoon? Giving up when life gets busy? Negative self-talk? Saying "I'll start tomorrow" (every day)? Getting TOO hungry because poor food choices were made? Avoiding meetings until you "lose the weight you gained"?

No matter what it is, if you can recognize patterns that hold you back, I challenge you to change them. I know change isn't always easy, but is dealing with the results of poor choices any easier? YOU are the one who suffers/struggles in the end if you persist in things that don't help you.

So, first - SEE your patterns. Second - DECIDE if they're giving you what you want. Lastly - CHANGE those that aren't helping you achieve your goals. There are some things we can't control (illness, 'busy-ness', other people...), but you can ALWAYS control your reaction to them.

(who is also seeing patterns needing to be changed - both with food and in life!)

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