Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday August 16, 2010......

Ok...here we go.
The third Monday of each month is usually a day that we're off from work. It's a schedule we started a few years back when I was an employee of the business we now own. We love 3 day weekends and this was a way to get at least one each month. Yesterday we decided to work in spite of it being the third Monday. We are simply too busy to take off. I really missed having my Monday off but we got a lot of work done.

Breakfast was a peach, a plum, 1/2 cup of Fiber One cereal, and 6oz of Fage Total 0 Greek Yogurt sweetened with stevia and flavored with cinnamin.
4 points

Lunch was lettuce wraps made with 2 slices of turkey lunchmeat, 2 fat free cheese slices, both cut in half on 4 lettuce leaves, with tomato, salt and pepper. I also had a half an apple and a mandarin orange
3 points

At 5pm when I was quite ready to go home, but Vern was on a roll with some hats we were doing and wasn't ready to leave yet, I had a Vitatop Corn Muffin Top with Brummel and Brown Butter Spread on it.

Dinner was a bunch of stuff I pulled out of the fridge, microwaved, and piled on a plate...
3 oz baked Chicken topped with a tiny bit of BBQ sauce and 1/4 cup of reduced fat mozzarella, some cooked baby carrots, some green beans, 1/2 cup of Texas Caviar (costco), and 2 pieces of corn on the cobb. (There's only one in this photo but I had a second one)
9.5 points

After dinner I had another peach topped with some Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt
3 points

After dinner I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up and rather than stumbling upstairs to bed like I should have, I stumbled into the kitchen and ate this....I ate it standing at the kitchen sink, half asleep, not even enjoying it! How stupid is THAT!? I didn't even take a photo of it...I didn't track it...I just ate it.

This morning I woke up and went back and added it in my tracker. And because I committed to posting a photo of everything I eat, I re-created the scene of the crime, took a photo and then threw the dastardly stuff in the trash!!
5 points
(I have the weekly points to cover this so I'm good there. It's just that I wasn't even hungry or awake enough to enjoy it!)

I didn't make it back to the gym again last night because it was so late when we got home. In reality it really wasn't that late. I could have gone. But it was late enough that I didn't want to go. One more not so healthy choice I made yesterday


Jane said...

Sorry you didn't get your Monday off. Mondays can be a bit challenging anyway. Your food looks great!

Lesia said...

Your breakfast looks yummy. I need to go to the farmers market and get some fresh fruits and vegs and start eating better and more this week. Not eating bad choices just not enough calories. So I bet I have a gain or no loss.

Deborah said...

Gosh your food pictures are so pretty.

Oh Vickie...I know that moment well.....where you know you should just go to bed but you are about to shove something into your mouth first and no matter how hard you try and stop it from happening something inside takes over and you are not in control. Its not even about the food cause you are not hungry....its your body letting you know it still oontrols you. If someone knows a way to curb the eat it eat it eat it moment let me know lol

Debbie said...

Wow I like the lettuce wraps. I am always looking for low point foods. Your pictures look yummy...