Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tuesday August 17, 2010....

Tuesday was one of those nonstop, crazy busy days! Work seriously feels out of control lately. I am grateful that we're busy but feeling a bit overwhelmed with it all right now! Whew!!!

So anyway, once again I got to work and the day was off and running before I could even catch my breath after my impromptu treadmill walk.

Once again, I kept thinking I would grab a bite for breakfast "in just a minute" and before I knew it, it was noon. So breakfast was a cup of Chai Latte that I made with almond milk and a sugar free chai mix. This is so good!
1 point
I am seriously going to take Shane's advice and maybe stock some sort of fiber bar at work...oh wait! I have a bunch of Vitatops in the freezer! That would be a great, quick breakfast. So now if I can remember this the next time the morning is a crazy whirlwind of activity there will be no more skipping breakfast!

Lunch was easy because I had thrown some leftover taco stuff in a baggie and taken it to work with me on Monday. On Mondays I try and haul a bunch of food to work for meals throughout the week. So anyway, I had left over tacos for a quick lunch.
4.5 points

Dinner was this bean dish I threw together when I got home from the dentist. It was 2 mango chicken sausages (Costco), a half cup of canned small white beans, a laughing cow cheese wedge, and a tablespoon of BBQ sauce. I had a piece of corn with it. Another great, satisfying meal!
8 points

Snacks were:
Popcorn 7.5 points

Peach, Plum, and Fage Total 0 yogurt
3 points

Total daily points 24
Target points 24
Activity points earned 2


Christine said...

Those little tacos look terrific! (I've been on a mexican/taco kick recently as well.)

Amy B said...

Your menu looks yummy. Oh and I have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dishes.
Keep doing it day by will get there.

Lesia said...

I love Vita Tops but too many in a week give me a bad tummy. (gassy really) How can you eat one everyday? Will it get better or always do that for me?

Debbie said...

Wow your menu looks good and you stayed in your point count. Good going.

Anonymous said...

Looking good. I know what you mean about that treadmill feeling at feel like your at a slow jog all day long. Now we're the complete opposite at work - dead slow. I think I like the treadmill better. Looking at the clock constantly can drive you insane!

You had a great day in spite of it all - congrats!

Joy said...

Everything looks so good!!! I love the variety of the food you eat. So awesome!! I kind of get into a rut and eat the same things until I get sick of them and then I try something new. Just seems like I don't have the time to get creative. Excuse ~ I know!!!

Hope you have a better day tomorrow!!


Shane G. said...

Of everybody I follow, I love your food the most. I need to start figuring out how you make these cool things.

Patrick said...

Peach, Plum, and Fage - sounds like a 60s rock band. Yum!