Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day Four of Recommit....Done

Monday May 27, 2013

This was a good day. I got up in the morning and went for a walk.  I still can't run. Walking is uncomfortable but running is downright painful! As I walked I realized that it's not just the running and the endorphins that are released that make me love it. A lot of it is just simply being alone, the rhythmic movement, the air and sun on my face, ....the "me" time. So anyway I walked a little over 5 miles. 

When I got back from walking I had a breakfast of chia pudding, strawberries, and banana. And coffee....always coffee wit two measured tablespoons of half and half. 

In the afternoon Vern and I rode the trolley downtown and walked to Seaport Village. We walked along the waterfront, watching families picnicking, kids flying kites, and street vendors peddling paper flowers, palm reading, rock stacking, and storytelling. 

In being completely honest, I have to admit that when it came time to choose a place to get food I was sorely tempted to go for the deep dish Chicago pizza place that is one of our favorites. The old line of "it's just one day" and "it's a holiday" and "I can always get back on track tomorrow" we're running through my head as we walked. 

But in the end we settled for the Greek place and I had a roasted Greek chicken plate. It was a half of a Greek chicken on a bed of romaine lettuce, served with pita bread. It was lunch and dinner combined and I calculated the points...and ate every bite. I figured the meal at 28 PointsPlus. Much better than the pizza that is probably 20 PointsPlus per slice and I would have eaten 3 slices. I'm calling it a success. 

Over the course of the rest of the afternoon and evening I had a banana, an orange, and some cherries. 

My FitBit tells me I walked almost 9 miles and my ActiveLink says I earned 9 activity points. My toe says maybe I overdid it a little :)

Day 4...on plan...Done!!  

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