Wednesday, May 22, 2013

No Rock & Roll for me :(

Good morning! Happy Wednesday!! We are back from our long weekend at Disneyland and ready to get back to a routine. I had really good intentions of tracking my food while we were there but that fell by the wayside when we got there. We were very busy for the entire time we were there and food was not as much of a focus as one might think. 

On Monday morning, as we were packing up our room, I tripped over a canvas duffle bag and caught my small toe on my right foot on the corner of the bag. I felt it pop out of joint and I quickly grabbed it and pulled it until it popped back in place. I really thought it was broken because it was do painful!! We had one more day in Disneyland and we were meeting up with one of our kids. So I toughed it out....I sat with it elevated for a good portion of the day. 

Tuesday morning it was still quite painful, swollen,  and bruised so I decided to have it checked out. The good news is that there is no fractures. However, he said no running at all for at least a week and them I can test it out to see if I might be able to start running again at about 10% of what I would normally do. So no Rock & Roll Half Marathon for me this year. 

So, it should be interesting to get back to tracking and counting points without the benefit of exercise points. 

Starting today....counting, planning, routine...1...2...3...go!

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