Sunday, May 26, 2013

I did it!!

Bam!! Disneyland from morning to late night ON PLAN!! Am I awesome or what!?!?

Seriously, Disneyland is a huge challenge for me. There are so many treats that call my name. Couple that with the fact that Vern (or whoever might be in our party) loves his (their) Disneyland treats, so it's not like I can just stay away from the treats. I get to watch everyone eat their 

This time I really was determined to have a successful day. So I packed a cooler with some fruit and a container of chia pudding. Chia pudding is simply a cup of almond milk with 3 tablespoons of chia seeds, and a dash of stevia added. The chia seeds thicken it into a pudding consistency. It looks a little ugly but it is so good for 5 PointsPlus! 

We arrived at the parks and the guys, Vern and my son, Courtney, were hungry. We chose Carnation Cafe as our breakfast spot. They were running a special holiday breakfast of steak and eggs. For a moment I was really tempted. But it would have used all my points for that one meal! So I stayed strong!! I had my chia pudding in my bag. So I ordered a side of fresh fruit and a cup of coffee. I had added banana slices and strawberries to my pudding and the few slices of melon and pineapple that I ordered made it a filling breakfast. 

We met up with my older son, Chris, and his girlfriend, Crystal, later in the morning. 

 We had a late lunch in Disney's California Adventure. The guys had pasta and I opted for the Mediterranean  Grill. A chicken breast skewer served with rice, cucumber salad, pita bread and Tzatziki sauce. One of my ongoing frustrations with Disney is that they refuse to provide nutritional information for the food there. So it's always a matter of guesstimating. I usually find similar items and calculate that way. I figured my lunch at 12 PointsPlus. 

In the evening we left the parks to have dinner at "The Habit" burger grill. They had the most amazing looking burgers!!! But I stayed strong and ordered a grilled chicken salad with dressing in the side and no croutons it was perfect. It was about 3-4 ounces of chicken breast on a bed of greens, with tomatoes, carrots, and cucumber slices. It was drizzled with teriyaki sauce so dressing was not even needed. I had a baggie of cherries in my bag and I munched on them along with my salad. I counted my salad at 4 PointsPlus. 

Later in the evening I had a cup of coffee with cream and a banana. 
When we arrived home I had a slice if bread with half of a small avocado on it. 

I ended the day at 31 PointsPlus. I walked over 18,000 steps. Actually, I hobbled for many of those steps! But I think the walking may have helped my toe! It really hurt a lot during the first part of the day. I sat and rested it for a while and took it slow. At one point my foot started tingling and sort of itching and burning deep inside. I sat down and elevated it when I could. Eventually the pain started to subside. This morning it's significantly better. It's still sore but definitely on the mend!

I earned 6 activity points hobbling around the parks :)

I feel really good and really motivated to stay on track by the way I successfully navigated my day at Disneyland. 

Let's do this thing!! 


spunkysuzi said...

You really handled the day great!
I know how many treats there are in Disney Land! You rock

700 pounds is as bad as it sounds said...

Awesome job! you took on Disney and won the battle time. That is hard to do! very inspirational !!!