Monday, May 13, 2013

Regroup Monday

Monday morning update:

I had a great weekend hanging out with friends and family.  

I didn't have such a great weekend of making good food choices. One thing I did do was track everything I ate. I don't often track on the days when I throw caution to the wind and just eat whatever I feel like. But this time I tracked it...and I, quite frankly, am stunned at how quickly those points add up when I don't make good choices. This weekend's tracker has been eye opening to say the least. 

So now it's Monday morning and I am at negative 7 points for the week. I have used up all of my weekly 49 extra points, all 14 of the exercise points I earned, and 7 points I didn't have. 

I am determined to save what is left of this week. I don't have to let the weekend stretch into an entire week of eating off plan. I left my meeting on Friday, saying that I was going to follow the plan like I did when I first a newbie...that didn't quite happen over the weekend. HOWEVER, for the next four days that is exactly what I am going to do. 

I am going to track my food and activity. I am going to update here. (as embarrassing as that can be sometimes)

One thing I know....I am not going to quit. No matter how many times I stumble in this journey, I am going to keep trying, keep pulling myself back to center, keep learning from my actions, and keep moving forward. 

Lastly, these past few weeks have taught me some things about exercise, running in particular. The biggest thing I've learned is that I NEED A REST DAY between run days. My muscles need that time to recover. I am the most sore I have ever been from running and it's not easing up. So I am going to go back to running on Tuesday and Thursday mornings with a long run on the weekends. I might walk on the off days. I haven't decided yet. But I'm done running every day. 

So there we go. 
Happy Monday!!! Let's do this thing!!

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