Thursday, May 21, 2009

Trading Places....

2 Corinthians 5:21
God made him who had no sin to be
sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.

Last night was our small group, home fellowship....that's the official title...actually, it's Vern and I getting together with another couple from our church and discussing things over coffee. The above verse was what we settled on and talked about. It's so amazing if you really think about it. God made Him (Jesus) who knew no sin, to be sin for us....and it gets even better than that!!! He also caused me, when I trusted in His plan of salvation, to be the righteousness of God in Him!! It's like we traded places! It's as though Jesus said, "Here, you come here and take my place of righteousness and I'll take your place on the cross." Wow!

So, needless to say, I am in a much better mood this morning. I took some Tylenol PM last night and slept pretty well. I am a bit groggy this morning from the effects of the sleep aid...but I slept.....sleep is good!

Here's what I ate yesterday. I keep forgetting to take photos of my food. I will get back in the proper swing of this photo journaling soon!'s what I have...

Work is CRAZY and I had trouble finding time for a break so this was sort of breakfast and lunch combined. A carb Check bagel with Smart Balance Light buttery Spread and cinnamin, a sliced apple with PB2 for dipping it in, and a large iced coffee with almond breeze. 6 points

I was hungry later in the day and I grabbed some baked kettle chips and a Fiber One bar. 4 points.

I din't get photos of any of the rest of my food but for dinner I had 2 Hebrew National 97% fat free hot dogs, a cup of Turkey chili, 2 LaTortilla Factory Smart and Delicious tortillas and 2 slices of fat free cheese. I wrapped the hot dogs, cheese and chili in the tortillas...sort of chili dog burritos. 8 points

My other snack was a bowl of puffed millet, puffed kamut and wheat bran with almond breeze. 4 points.

Total points for the day: 22

Now...on to much cuter things! Autumn and her Daddy left for vacation yesterday. They are in Texas visiting Autumn's Daddy's cousin Jason and his family. It was a big day for Autumn and her friend Brownowhiteo! It was the first airplane trip for both of them!

Here are some cute shots taken at the airport. Yes, Autumn had pizza for breakfast after getting through security. Brownowhiteo enjoyed a nice ride through the X-ray machine.

Autumn was playing dress-up with her cousin Jocie and told her Daddy, "Look at me! Take a picture for Grandma Honey!" Oh my goodness...I love this child so much!!!


Grace said...

Adorable young lady. I bet you are going to miss her... so when does that plane come back home?

Joann said...

You are doing SO good on your food choices and keeping good track!! I'm proud of you!! How could you NOT love that little cutie granddaughter you have there, she's just adorable!!