Sunday, May 24, 2009

This is the post I was planning yesterday...

.....when I got up yesterday morning this post was dancing around in my head. I had no idea of the long, tear filled day that lay ahead for I was excited in anticipation of posting this...(even though I was, and continue to be very much at odds with Vern but that's a different post that I may or may not go in to at some point)

Yesterday was the day to mail out our packages for the Favorite Things swap. I was paired up with a sweet lady named Joann whom I have found I have quite a few things in common with! So I wrapped the things I picked for her in the paper I had saved from my birthday and packed them all in the box.....Praying it would all fit because I had already taped the shipping label on the box. It all fit perfectly!! I dashed up to the post office in Santee and dropped it in the mail. I hope you like the things I picked for you Joann!

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Joann said...

LOL!!! I'm sure I'll love them Vickie.... guess what, in my rush to get your package to you, I came home after mailing it off... I forgot the card that I was going to put inside!! DARN!!! SO SORRY!! I'll mail it, but you'll get the package first!! Thank you so much, how EXCITING this is, huh?!!