Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our PeeWee Soccer Morning...

Our PeeWee soccer morning started out with Chris and Autumn picking me up at my house for the drive to north county. I pulled Autumn's hair into a ponytail while Chris warmed her breakfast in the microwave. Microwaved pancakes and sausage, a sippy cup of milk and off we went, with Autumn eating her breakfast in the car. I sometimes marvel at the conveniences that modern parents have. It cracks me up that child safety seats have cup ingenious as they may be! I wonder if my grandmother marveled at the conveniences that I had when my boys were small? But, I am rambling again...this is a post about our PeeWee soccer match.

I must tell you, PeeWee soccer is just about the cutest thing I have ever witnessed in my whole life! I'm thinkin these kids must have been 3 to 5 year olds, judging by size and behavior. They were delightful to watch. I think I would have found it delightful to watch them even if I hadn't know ANY of the children! Although, once again......oddly granddaughter just happened to be the most adorable child in the room! Come to think of it, I have never been anywhere wih her that she wasn't the most adorable, smartest, sweetest, most clever, amazing child in the room! Imagine that!

Anyhow...we arrived in Encinitas for the soccer match and Daddy helped Miss Autumn with her soccer shoes.

Just a cute close up while Daddy ties Autumn's shoes.

Autumn started the morning ready to play. I thought she looked so cute, standing and waiting for the coaches instructions.
She ran and played with vigor for a few minutes.
Soon though she began complaining. "Daddy, my hair is in my face." So Chris stuck a headband on her head and sent her back out. I should explian that Autumn has had a cold...she seems to ALWAYS have a cold now..(again a topic for a different post. I am not happy at all that my precious granddaughter has been sick basically since Thanksgiving and her parents aren't concerned...ahem...let's just not go there today)...anyway, she is recovering from a cold and while not still sick, she's not completely recovered either.
She ran a little bit more and tried to play but she was soon headed back to the sidelines.
" Daddy It's too hot and I'm sweating."
Chris gave her a drink of water and a hug and explained that sweating is normal when you're running around playing soccer.
I love this on where she's considering what Daddy had to say about the sweating and running. She appears to be not completely convinced of the logic in all of this running and sweating business!
Chris explains to her that there are only a few minutes left on the clock (and she has to look for herself to see if she believes him!) and that she is part of a team and she needs to get back out there. Right about here is when my desire to interfere and tell Chris I thought he should let her stop playing, because she really didn't seem to be feeling well, almost got the best of me. I almost told him...but I am determined to not offer advice and interfere with Chris' parenting.

More explaining the idea of teamwork and not quitting just because you're hot and sweaty.
"Dad, are you sure I should go back out there?" She actually said to him, "Dad, I am soooo done."
This was the one...this look the one that looks over Daddy's shoulder, straight at me...Look at that face! Not only did this look tug at my heartstrings more than anything else she did or said this's my favorite photo of the day. I think my granddaughter has the most adorable pouty face in the whole world!
So...she finished the soccer game...reluctantly. She got her snack and we climbed into the car for the ride home. We pulled up to the curb in front of my house and I got out and said my goodbyes.

Ten minutes later my phone rang......"Mom, how to I clean up the puke that's all over the back of my car?"

Poor baby...she really was sick. I simply said, "soap and water honey..and a lot of scrubbing." I didn't need to say more...I'm sure he was already feeling like a heel.


Kelly said...

Oh those pics are so cute. I like the pouty one too. Looks like she could wrap you around her fingure with little effort.
Poor little sweety. Hope she is feeling better now. And poor dad! Cleaning up after an explosion is never fun.

Deborah said...


Joann said...

OMGosh, Vickie... She's is ADORABLE!!! You are right, the CUTEST was that POUTY face!! Poor baby, she must've had fever when playing, and I'm sure that daddy is feeling really bad about that... but I know he meant well.
Great pics!!

Vickie said...

Aww Thanks you guys! I agree...she is just adorable! And kelly's right...she has Grandma Honey FIRMLY wrapped!