Friday, May 1, 2009

Another "catch up" post!

It's funny how time just keeps getting away from me. I have been uploading my photos for this post and telling myself, "I'll come back later and add the text."...but later comes and goes and time just gets away from me. I used to be much better than this at managing my time. I don't know how this happened. How did I become someone who seems to be utterly unable to manage my time!? Or maybe that's not it at all...maybe I have simply perfected the art of wasting time. Or maybe I am just rambling on and wasting even more time right now...LOL.

Last night after work I went by Michaels. (the craft store) My son and Miss Autumn had given me a gift certificate for my birthday, so I went to see what I might want. (Apparently my son is unaware that his mom is an expert time waster now and has no time for the crafts I used to constantly be doing)Here's what I found...what TREASURES these are to me! I love books. I especially love books about crochet.I would not have splurged and spent $50.00 in "real" money on these books...but...what a huge treat to be able to spend gift certificate money on them!!! I love, love, love gift certificates! (Starbucks gift certificates are among my favorites but that's another story)

Here's another photo that I wanted to share on my blog just because it is so heartwarming to me! This is my middle son, Courtney. (I don't want to hear it! Courtney was a BOY NAME 31 years ago when I found it in the BOY SIDE of the baby name book!) Anyhow...this is Courtney. Courtney is my son who is extremely male. You know...he's a car guy, he's a refrigeration tech, a would be race car driver, (we won't talk about the years of me being sure he would be killed in a street race) he's completely baffled by anything female, he's very mechanically inclined, and did I mention.....completely out of his comfort zone when faced with anything feminine. So with all of that in mind, I find this photo to be completely delightful.

Here is my son, the manly man, playing playing "Disney Princess Enchanted Journey" with Autumn. There are no photos to prove it but rumor has it that Uncle Courtney was also spotted helping Miss Autumn dress her princess dolls recently!

Autumn and her Daddy are living at Uncle Courtney's apartment until they are done with the divorce and then the three of them, Autumn, Chris (Daddy), and Uncle Courtney are going to rent a house together. This close relationship that is developing between Autumn and Uncle Courtney is one of the silver linings in this whole situation.

Finally! Here's what I ate on did I get so far behind?...oh yeah, that time management thing...that's it.

anyhow, Breakfast was an apple, diced and topped with Fage yogurt, Fiber One and unprocessed wheat bran. I enjoyed this very much. Along with my morning coffee with sugar free creamer, my morning was 3 points.

Lunch was a Boca burger on a Western Bagel, alternative bagel. I used some low fat mayo and some mustard on it too. I had an orange and a reduced fat cheese stick along with it for 4 points.
I wanted a little something more so I also had a Fiber One Oats & Chocolate bar for 2 points.
Dinner was spaghetti made with shirataki noodles. Vern requested garlic bread and I knew I would be undone by the smell of it, so I made garlic toast on another western bagel using Smart Balance light buttery spread and chopped garlic. It was sooo good! This wonderful meal was only 6 points!
My snack was yogurt flavored with PB2, to which I added a frozen banana, some Fiber One cereal for a little crunch and some Walden Farms chocolate syrup.
5 points
Wednesday finished at 20 points total.

On to Thursday...

Breakfast was a bowl of cold cereal for a change. I had Puffed Kamut, Fiber One, a few sliced strawberries and blueberries and a cup of unsweetened Almond Breeze, vanilla flavor. I love Almond Breeze in my cereal. It is only 40 calories for a whole cup and it is yummylicious! Be careful though when you go to buy it. The sweetened variety is in a package that looks EXACTLY like the unsweetened so you have to read the label. This bowl of goodness was 5.5 points. Add the point for my coffee creamer and my morning totaled in at 6.5 points.

Lunch was a tuna salad wrap, a sliced apple and Fage yogurt, flavored with cinnamin and stevia, to dip the apple in. I love apples dipped in cinnamin flavored yogurt!
8 points Dinner was a "fast food" meal that I prepared at home after wandering around Michaels for an hour and a half after work. (there's that time management issue again!) anyhow...a Boca burger on a Carb Check bagel, with Fat Free cheese, low fat mayo, mustard, ketchup, and lettuce, paired with a serving of Pringles light Chips. 5 points.

I didn't take a photo but I had a snack of a bowl of yogurt flavored with PB2 for 3 points.

So Thursday totaled 22.5 points.

Whew! I did it...I am caught up on my blogging...for this morning anyway!


Kelly said...

What a good idea to use the bagel as a bun for the burger.
So what do you think of the shirataki noodles? I have trouble with the texture and fish smell. LOL

Love all the pics. :)

Carla said...

Your words are EXACTLY what I feel everyday. "I used to be much better than this at managing my time. I don't know how this happened. How did I become someone who seems to be utterly unable to manage my time!? Or maybe that's not it at all...maybe I have simply perfected the art of wasting time." In fact I think that has been my thought since January when I turned 51. Is is a 50's thing? Or is it our escape from what's wearing on our hearts? Will we snap out of it? Whatever the answer, I can 100% relate.

I love the photos of your two sons and Autumn. She is beautiful! I think kids deal better with changes in their lives better than us moms do. Her pictures are so full of contentment and security. You are to be applauded for thet.

Grace said...

I'm going to try to manage my time a bit better and I'll be doing a post about food soon too... just about a product that I have found that is super. Not sure if you have used / found it yet... but I will blog about it.
Love the family time that Uncle Court and Autumn are having together. My DH is surrounded by girls and to this day I get a kick out of him playing Barbie's with the girls.