Friday, May 28, 2010

Here I am...

I'm still crawling out of the funk I've been in this past few days. I'm not all the way back to my normal self but I can feel it lifting and I am grateful for that.

So...last night was my weigh in and I lost 2.4 pounds this week...bringing me to 15.6 pounds total lost since April 1st. I'm so happy about that!

As much as I love losing that much in a got me to thinking that I can start using more of my weekly points allowance and activity points and still lose. So this week I am going to up my points to include using more of the "extra" points. My reasoning is that I want this to be a lifestyle...not a diet. So I might as well start learning now, how to have that one "splurge meal" or allow an extra treat here and there, within the confines of the weekly points allowance.

So, that's where I'm at. I'm looking forward to the long weekend to catch up on a lot of things...including my blog. I know if I just sit down every night and do it, it won't seem so overwhelming. My internet's been all wonky but my son gave me access to his wireless for the times when mine is down. It's so great to have him and his wife right across the street!

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Lesia said...

Yippie on your loss. That is way exciting. You go use those extra points and live life!